NPMI Monday Motivaquine/Inspiracetamol 12/11/18


NPMI Monday Motivaquine/Inspiracetamol 12/11/18



…The past might have been funny,

…and the present is still being sunny,

…yet the future is horning and coming.

…Will you fold your arms and allow the future meet you unprepared? Not at all!

…So, get under the sun even when there is no fun and run with your dreams.

…You may at least get a face towel to take care of your sweat,it may not be farewell,

…it may not be sweet, but you can still sweep through if you don’t sleep off.

…Don’t wait for too long, because you may waste your chances of winning.

…It will soon be sunset,

…so, change your mindset to that of a winner instead of being upset things aren’t working.

…When things fall apart, set yourself apart to take part in a moment of self reinvention.

…The harsh weather may only make you sweat, but it will not kill you.

…Give no excuse.
…Win always!

All the best!

Yours always,

Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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