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Have you imagined how in the process of following our drives with passion,we at times drive ourselves off track? We drive too fast and out of fuel without knowing it.

In a bid to scale through the heights,we scare people away from us,severe or break important relationships;we fall trees across the path we may likely follow in the future. We build walls in place of bridges and bridges in place of walls – we make enemies out of friends.

At times,I just wonder,what’s the essence of it all? Is the fight and struggle really worth it? You look around and you could see attacks and counter – attacks everywhere; people trying to undo each other. You see people being driven by anxiety instead of passion,envy and covetousness instead of vision and foresight. You see people who are stiff and they see it as being strict,hence,they can’t stretch and expand either to the right, or to the left.

Have you not wondered why despite putting in so much,what comes out is nothing to write home about? The faster you move,the slower you go. What an irony.

You see,success does not just come by taking so many steps,but by taking the right steps, in the right direction, at the right time and for the right purpose. It is catalyzed by building and maintaining the right relationships founded on a he right values and principles.

No,matter how passionate you are in the pursuit of your dreams,you can’t be too busy to have time for yourself, family and invest in profitable relationships. You can still have time for leisure and some important outings especially with family members and other people that count in your life.

It is good you reach out daily in pursuit of your dreams,but don’t leave yourself behind. When the going is getting tough and it seems you are losing touch with your core self,just take it easy. Calm down,take some breath and relax,and reinvent yourself. You can’t gain anything meaningful in life when you lose touch with the real essence of life- purpose. You can’t win any race in life losing balance consistently. You can’t lift any trophy in life when you are down. So,just take it easy.

Don’t take too many steps at a time that you have not developed the capacity for,you may stumble and fall. When it doesn’t fit,don’t force it because you may lose both the content and the container. What’s the essence of rushing for coronation when the throne you are to sit on is still in the making. What’s the essence of holding the handle too tightly when the whole body is losing alignment and in shambles. Don’t take life too seriously and miss the real blessings and enjoyment it brings. Just take it easy!

Yours always,
Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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