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We wake up each day with expectations in mind. To see these expectations come to pass, we reach out daily in pursuit of one thing or the other. Nature, however, provides us with different circumstances that influence the outcome of our pursuits only that these circumstances may not come under the labels we anticipated. If you are not careful, you may plug in wrongly. So, we are left to look critically to identify and label circumstances the way they are in reality.
Some circumstances may carry what we really need to succeed but may not come in the likeness of what we expected. It then takes looking through the eyes of vision and purpose to discover what every situation holds for you. When you lack this mental capability to identify and place things where they belong, you begin to commit errors of commission and omission.
This is when you begin to see the “Plus sign – +” that is capable of adding up to your spectrum of achievements as a “Cross” too heavy to be carried. This is when you begin to see problems as evil and unfortunate instead of seeing them as opportunities for advancement. In fact, there is no great man out there that became great without solving at least one problem.

Sincerely, giving excuses is easier than taking responsibility. It is an easier way out. A shorter route to relieving yourself of the pains, of facing those harsh circumstances all in a bid to succeed. At times, playing it safe is cheaper than venturing into the wilderness of uncertainties…yeah! But in the real sense, it is costlier than you think. It cost you all opportunities for growth and advancement.

Whenever you see going to the battlefield as being too risky, you would have robbed yourself of the opportunity of being crowned a GENERAL! You can’t win without fighting.

People who are used to giving excuses confine themselves within the boundaries of their comfort zones where they can live the nominal life that does not require taking much risk. They conform to the routine life of mediocrity, a life where they are neither losing much nor gaining much. They are not after making an impact that would crest their names in the sand of history. They place themselves in the receiving side of life. This mediocratic conditioning impairs their thinking and hence, their productivity and creativity. This is when you begin to see the “rod” in your hand as mere “walking stick” instead of a “Staff of Authority” with which you can divide red seas and walk through to the land of your dream. This is when you begin to buy what you can produce. This is when you begin to get stranded of what you already have.

True, life may not be the way you expected. But even if you find yourself in an environment you didn’t expect, you can always create the environment you want without relocating geographically. It is the environment within us that determine the impact of the environment around us. The same deep waters some people use as excuses to remain ashore, others see them as opportunities to launch out into the deep to catch bigger fishes.

In fact, there will always be enough excuses to give for failure if you look for one to give. And you will equally have enough reasons to keep pressing until you prevail if you say “No” to excuses. Remember, nothing can stop you in life without your permission. Be fulfilled.

Your own,
Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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