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Peradventure you’ve conceded so many goals since you’ve been involved in the game of life and you are almost giving up or has given up already. Don’t give up yet. It’s still first half. It’s now half time and second half is coming.

No matter how long you might have suffered delay, defeat, shame, humiliation and disappointment, still don’t give up. All you’ve seen so far is just one side of the story. It’s now time to make the other side of the story and make it sweeter.

When life hits you hard and knocks you down, pick yourself up and continue with the game anyhow. Don’t be discouraged when nobody is there to pick you up, they have their own games to play and they are receiving their own blows too…lols…yeah!

If you’ve been mocked, ridiculed and humiliated by prevailing circumstances, it’s still OK…it’s no big deal…yeah…but don’t die with the shame. Go back to the same pitch where you conceded those goals, then equalize and win the game to prove to the whole world that it’s not what they think.
Defile all circumstances and go back to where you failed and succeed to prove to the whole world that you are too loaded to fail. Go back to where you were sold out and buy yourself back to prove again to the whole world that your destiny is not for sale.

Don’t even bother to play yourself cheap just to win the approval of people who believe it’s all over with you. Just withdraw to your closet and come out with something they have never seen and they will keep gazing at you expecting some more.
Don’t struggle to find a place among people who believe people like you cannot achieve greatness. Just do for them what they could not do for themselves and the same people who thrust you out of their midst will come back to entrust you even with their lives.

No matter how many times you missed the ball, you can still score the goal again. Just keep playing but with better strategies, skills and focus.
On this note, I hereby welcome you to the second half of the game. Keep playing and ensure you win the game.


Yours always,
Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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