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Good day beautiful people☺☺☺
Hope our day is going as planned…  

This post will be as clear and short as possible so we don’t bore you.😀 Take your time to read through carefully.

To be on any of our social media platforms. You can join and get more information via this means
🔹 “Facebook Page`:

@pihanmedical “`This account is specifically for the #regulateinternship cause and we wont stop until its realized but please all hands should be be on deck if we hope you achieve something out of it. Follow us and Keep tweeting, never stop retweeting. Federal ministry of Health and our licensing bodies  gave us ice cream to cool our anger during our first campaign, they promised  to give us a feedback later but we  haven’t heard from them till now…we need to tell them  the icecream is finished and we need to be persistent this time around till we are heard. This fight is not for one person. Its for all. A crying child is never left unattended to. We can do this. If u have any workable idea on how to solve this problem. Send a personal message to the chairman of pihan via dis number – Dr Nick atte 0802 758 8312

“`pictures of the different persons we’ve met at different exam venues and for future reference #winks#. 
 “`@pihanmedical“` still regulation of internship.
🔹“`Mail  –“`

for complaints or enquiries 


Website :

 For internship info, news and updates and amebo too🙊
Whatsapp groups are also available but the whatsapp groups are 7 in number at the moment and can be quite noisy and its for the strong hearted. 
Nb: if its not Npmi it can never be like Npmi. 😊. We have been doing it and we would still continue doing it with God on our Side.


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