1. Bitter leaf~ #200
2. Cocoa yam~ #500
3. Palm oil~ #250
4. red meat~ #1000
5. cow head~#500
6. stock fish~#200
7. Dry fish ~#200
8. Cray fish~#100
9. Ogiri(fermented melon)~#100
10.maggi(knorr cubes)~5
11.salt~to taste
12.fresh pepper~#50
13.Dry pepper~#20
14.water~1 paint bucket

1. wash the cocoayam n boil till soft like yam.
2. peel the back
3. pound/blend/grind the cocoayam
4. wash d bitter leaf and if it’s still bitter, cook for about 10mins n sieve out the leaf
5. spice d meat with Maggi,salt n dry pepper
6. add little water n boil till the meat is a bit soft
7A. wash d stock fish n dry fish n add to the meat n allow to boil until d water is almost dried up
7B.In a seperate pot or using a pressure cooker, cook the cowhead until soft n throw away d water
8. in an empty pot add water (1/2 paint ) n allow to boil
9. add red oil n also allow it to boil with d water for about 10mins
10.Gradually add d cocoayam to the pot n stir to avoid it sticking at d bottom of the pot
11.Allow the No10 mixture to boil until the cocoayam has dissolved
12.Add the Ogiri n stir(this is when u begin to perceive the goodness of the soup)
13.Add the grinded fresh pepper n Cray fish n stir
14.Add 3 knorr cubes n stir …
15.Add the meat content in no7A&7B n stir
16.Add salt to taste
17.if the soup is too thick add more water bt if it’s watery allow to dry up
18.Add the bitter leaf n stir
19.Allow to boil for few minutes n bring it down
20.The soup is ready….😍😍😍

NB:for the cocoayam
A:using electric blender;
*it makes d cocoayam smooth n even the hard ones would be blended
*also the cocoayam will dissolve easily during d cooking process
*water would be added to the cocoayam when blending so when adding my water for soup u would be careful
B:using hand grinder
it’s very good too n also has similar texture with d blended one
*bt u don’t need to add water to it
*also it will take more time to dissolve during d cooking process
*the hard ones are also grinded smoothly
C:Using mortal n pestel
*it’s usually more difficult
*the hard ones won’t be pounded smoothly easily
*it doesn’t dissolve easily during d cooking process

NB: for the red oil
*Palm nuts can also be used bt it’s more stressful

NB:for the Ogiri
*this is the main ingredient that gives the soup it’s taste, D4 a good/strong smelling Ogiri is advised (I recommend *anointing ogiri* for those in Lagos)

NB:for the meat n fishes
*cooking it in a seperate pot b4 adding it to the soup gives it more taste.


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