NPMI’s Photo Album…Group5


Chiamaka, Pharm Debby and Ejecks…For an interview at UNTH 5/9/16

From the left; Chomxy, Ejecks, Obynkem(Group6), Chiamaka… Behind the ladies; Dr Kelvin

Ejecks and Chiamaka

Ejecks, Chomxy and Chiamaka…. UNTH 5/9/16

Gabito, Pwettypam and Anthonio…

Pwettypam’s Hubby, Pwettypam, Chomxy and Danino(Group2)…. At Pwettypam’s wedding in owerri..

Pwettypam and Chomxy….At Pwettypam’s wedding.

Pwettypam, Anthonio, Chomxy, Danino(Group2) and a friend.

Danino(Group2), Pwettypam and Anthonio….

Dr Kenos, Pharm Debby and Dr Omeke….For an interviewat UNTH.5/9/16

Dr Melvin and friends. UNTH 5/9/16

Rejoice, Joy and Stella…. UNTH 5/9/16

Dr Mebirim, Dr Nna, Chiamaka, Juliet(Group2) and Boss lady (Behind)…. UNTH5/9/16

Jp, Dr Kelvin, Mycodavoo, Pharm Debby, Sam_Arims, Nosa and Dr Omeke…. NOHE June2016

Mycodavoo and Ejecks.


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