Ongoing Applications 


​Good day everyone everything is wrong about not being not being thankful daily for anything can happen to anyone* #teamnevergiveup# emma ugolee
Ongoing applications
*Fmc kastina-Information just reaching us is that the hospital has not have enough applicants for MLS interns…..  and houseofficers.They however open the application window again till further notice

 That’s what we were told to bring to your attention

Pls forget about the distance and do their one year stuff without further delay

 MLS application is free afterall
– *Fmc zamfara deadline-27th January*


*Ekiti state teaching hospital* is still on
*fmc keffi*- for houseofficers  parcel Service available. 
– *Fmc owo -eparcel is available 

Deadline for using the parcel service -28th January 
Go to for more info.


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