Paediatrics Association Of Nigeria Awards 250 naira To A Houseofficer For Being The Best Graduating Student 


​Onyeka: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dennis: Lol…200naira for bread and mineral, 50naira miscellaneous… D money big Na😀
Med: Well it’s a price no matter how small it is.

Dr J: What a shame

Dr J: Best in paediatrics 250 naira. It’s disheartening. They even put am for envelope

Gordon : That 250 naira is special

Rad Felix: Recession is biting na. What do you expect?

Dr J: Them for no give price at all

Rad Felix: The #250 na souvenir

Nero: If dem use the 250 take print letter head with her name inscribed on it.. as the best..

E for least the person go fit laminate am keep

Bosslady: 😂😂😂😂 while someone from Big brother will be going home with 25Million soon. 😂😂😂

Leo: Best graduating student in Unical was given 10k

Win Md: It’s the definition of foolishness

Richie: Na this kind price I fit return to them and decline the award.. mtchewwww
Till date, I am yet to receive any awards for my secondary and post secondary academic achievements.Very very rubbish academic system

Leo: The guy left the money with them

Win Md: 😭😭

Win Md: Not fair at all

Dr Iyke: Naso, They will bring write up of 1980s, to accomplish in 2017 especially the giving out of money but when you wanna pay for exams…they keep reviewing the amount to the current dollar rate.

‪ Sharon :Lol  Hehe

Richie: But if you twerk well and show better bikini or misbehave on live TV shows, you are on your way to stardom, fame and *millions* And we get reduced to having to go on incessant strikes to get paid our dues, Currently in my Centre, ARD and NUAHP are on strike. The few house officers have been made to work 3x their ability and the medical *elders* here no dey even here our complain. Threatening us with sack or extension anyhow if we dare show any forms of fatigue. May God save this Country kawai

Nwanne: They don’t pay your salary, and therefore don’t have the right to sack you. They can only extend your stay.

Nwanne: That money is ridiculous. Ife pharmacy gives 50K

Richie: (2) two  house officers have been sacked from this centre about 2 years ago. Last month, a House officer in pediatrics tendered her resignation letter to her HOD on the grounds that she is being overstretched and her efforts not appreciated instead she is always talked to and rudely treated by immediate seniors.

Nwanne: Hmm

Nwanne: That’s a very serious issues.

Richie: Though her request was denied and the offending seniors cautioned

Nwanne: In ucth, it was a friendly atmosphere, our seniors respected us, helped by the HOD, who emboldened us by saying, “unless you’re supervised, don’t do the work “. So, it gave us bargaining power.

Dr Ibe: Nigeria has expired long time ago. Nothing is working here including the health sector.

Ijecks: We must survive. Nevertheless

Sapele water : But trust me if any person in dis noble profession be it who ever  misdo come near where I dey I go do Wetin pass disagreement to the person…..Even bible talk say violent men taketh it by force.Sometimes u ve gotta be fierce and do weird finz to convey a message.  Not saying violence is d best though. I rest my case

Ijecks: And someone must take the responsibility of resuscitating Nigeria cause its in a big quagmire

Dany: True talk

Ijecks: Violence is never an option,yes but i am yet to see anyone violence epp, it only gratifies our ego.

Aj: Violence epp me for lunch dis afternoon😒

Dr  Ibe: Just make arrangements and leave the country to a more sane and better place instead of fighting people.

Ijecks: 🙄🙄🙄. Nna no matter how you try to paint it. Your house will always be your house. Watayu saying by the way is it everyone that can afford the luxury of travelling out

Sapele water: Help me ask oooo!!!Lol….  Not fighting o but trust me if Pple keep running away tell how, who, wen all dis bullshit is gonna be brought to a halt huh?You fink say traveling out na to soak garri for water? Guy it involves serious cash,  reading to pass that tough exams and trust me the stress involve no be here. Dont’ get me wrong when I say fighting… Fighting here doesn’t entails putting up a combat with someone…..  It means putting up a struggle be it a peaceful one or the other way round to ensure things are done the right way

Ijecks:  I think i agree with you now biko fight😤😤😤😤😤. My bro just travelled last week,  all man pocket just drain down

Ijecks: See ehn personally I think we ought to stay and fight o, who would fight your fight ,infact everyone is part of the problem of  Nigeria. Till the day we begin to see that for nigeria to be great again is a collective responsibility. That would be our morning .then we can only get better. where are you running too? Let me ask, when you leave your house in the hands of thieves and travel to another man’s country for comfort, how do you expect to meet your house Intact? It should have been sold or demolished.

Ijecks: We wont get better if we  take that route.

Dr Ibe: We know our problem and we don’t want to solve it!!  A tree cannot make a forest. You can’t be trying to do things right and so many others will be freely doing things wrong and even be proud of it. No! the effort has to be made by ALL!!! and when that’s not possible, you either stay and manage the system or find ways to leave the system. Period! Here is our home.. I agree 100% but we.. I mean Nigerians as a whole don’t want make here our home.. A home to be proud of. It’s very painful!

sapele water  :Dr ibe you sure say you dey vexCuz if you vex u no go talk about balling outta naija. My opinion sha

Izu:Dem don dey change am Now 

Before dem say education is d key!!! Now dey are modifying the key,! Isoryt

And the question that comes to mind . Is Academic excellence really overated ?cause our elders are not encouraging us at all. 


  1. hello guys more grease to ur elbows for dis great work, but can d leaders of dis group create a whaatsapp page its going to be more interactive on whatsapp dan on email. just an observation thanks


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