Past questions for Hmb Bayelsa (Pharm)

  • What  is    drug revolving fund and Who controls drug revolving fund in the  hospital?
  •  How do you think drug revolving fund can be improved.
  • Classes of hypertensive drugs
  • Classification  of hypertension according to jnc 8
  • Difference BTW immunization n vaccination
  • What is  Immunization
  • Cold chain process…
  •  Drugs that go through cold chain…
  • H ow  many vaccines do u know
  • Full meaning of  Phc?
  • Differentiate type 1 and 2 Diabetes 
  •  What are the drugs n their classification
  • Name of the Commissioner of health, bayesla state
  • Permanent Secretary of the ministry of health, bayelsa
  •  Minister of health, Nigeria 
  •  Head of Nafdac
  • Stg?
  •  What’s d stg…for treatment of malaria, hypertension, DM, etc

 Questions that was asked during   Last internship… Internship interview thanks to Pharm clement


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