Pharmacist Responsibilities


Pharmacists have a highly responsible job, dispensing drugs and checking prescriptions according to strict controls. You’ll need:

abilities in science and maths
very high standards of accuracy and attention to detail
excellent customer care and communication skills
organisational skills and ability to prioritise work
business skills (if you’re running a community pharmacy)
3. What you’ll do
You could work in different areas, including:

Community pharmacy
dispensing medicines in a high street or supermarket pharmacy
giving healthcare advice about prescription and over-the-counter medicines
advising on drug dosages and risks
running screening programmes for diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure
visiting care homes to advise on the use and storage of medications
ordering and controlling stock
running a business, including supervising and training staff

Hospital pharmacy:
working with doctors and nurses and other healthcare staff
producing medicines when ready-made ones aren’t available, for example, cancer treatments
buying, quality testing and distributing medicines throughout the hospital
visiting wards and patients to talk about medicines and dosages
dispensing medicines for patients being discharged from hospital
supervising trainees and junior pharmacists
Local NHS service:
giving advice to GPs and nurses on how to choose and prescribe medicines
running GP practice clinics
Education or industry:
doing research into new medicines
running clinical trials
In all of the above roles, you’ll observe high standards of security and confidentiality.


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