Preparatory Past Questions For Medical Laboratory Scientist MCQ PDF 


​I am a fan of Dr Ehab Abouladab teachings and assessment questions in chemical pathology. 

Therefore due to popular demand in a section of his carefully crafted questions, I have decided to post it in full containing questions from all sections of chemical pathology, microbiology, immunology, hematology with their explanatory answers.

The book is in PDF format uploaded into my personal drop box account, file was personally scan by me using avarst antivirus to prevent malware.

This book is specifically designed for students, prospective interns, practicing interns, any body interested to appraise the knowledge in chemical pathology and laboratory medicine generally.

During my internship at Ucth after our usual exams at each department, I discovered that the deputy director chemical pathology got some questions from this eBook. Therefore its imperative that graduates seeking internship placement should study this questions as a preparatory guide.

Click here for preparatory questions in laboratory medicine 



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