Pt Yose’s Internship Hussle. 


​My internship hustle finally ended on 8th September

I’ve been to sokoto, Gwagwalada,  porthacourt, asaba, and many more I applied. It wasn’t easy. But I kept believing. 
I went to sokoto with so much hopes. Cos I believed at I would be free from  the excessive legism in the east.  A night before the exam, I met one of the hausa candidates doing some mischievous things.  My guys and I were reading at the department cos we can’t read at the quarter cos it was very hot in that place…. Very hot…. So the department is Ac filled so most of the interns sleep there due to the harsh weather conditions.  It happened that we  read to a point and we got hungry and so we had  to leave our books there to go and find a manageable food to eat. On coming back I met one of the hausa brother writing some stuffs on my book. Immediately we arrived, while he was trying to cover up what he was doing, he didn’t realize that he was actually trying to leave with my jotter.  I told him sorry the book belongs to me. He said he will bring it back that he wrote some things on it. He brought the book after some minutes and I saw some strange handwriting on it.. I managed to read some things shaa but the rest was difficult… After the written exam,  I was now able to understand the rest of the stuffs The hausa guys and his three friends was writing in the book. They leaked the questions for them..  Word for word…. And they came out to be the top four in that order….  I managed to be the 10th….  And they took the top 8 guys and now jumped me to take the rest of the the girls I did better than… I felt bad cos all my brothers I went with got and I was to be the next guy in line…. But God had a perfect plan…. 
Finally out of frustration I met a man who had a link in UPTH… He said I should bring 130k… I was scared and then my friend who also knows the man had to discuss with him…. The deal was that if my name didn’t come out, I will get back my money. When it comes to Taking risks I remove cap for my mother I told her about the stuff and she said OK… That she will get the money…. Not like we have the money o.  Mothers are amazing. 

I finally paid but the list was taking long…. Me I didn’t want to apply for Ilorin cos their application form was 5k… I thought UPTH would be out before the deadline for Ilorin application and moreover my seniors in school told me not to apply because they don’t take our candidates for physiotherapy…  So I waited…. But on 24th of August I had this strange things pushing me to apply… And the deadline was 26th being Friday… I sent my application through one bus so that a friend would pick it… The bus spoilt on the way… After everything my application got to Ilorin on Friday evening 7pm. Luckily after much begging, they accepted the application…. 
They finally sent me the date for interview and it happened to be a day after UNTH. I was in a dilemma initially but a friend told me that UNTH is not worth it somehow and I finally remembered a lecturer of nine that worked in UNTH who also has friends in the west…. I called her and told her about the situation. She said I should go for Ilorin cos she doesn’t want UNTH wahala.  She also told me that she will call someone on my behalf… I know I can’t go for the two cos of the far distance between UNTH and UITH and I can’t trust them for conducting the test on time cos they are not organized…. I didn’t wanna gamble it…. I called a friend of mine that wrote there something ago and asked her when they finished during their time and she said 5pm cos they used the same hall for all of them and it was done in batches…. That was when I made up my mind to go to Uith.  I went there.. After the test, they called us to have our certificates checked. My classmate and I were there and when they heard two unn candidates came they held us inside that place…. They would scrutinize our certificate and licence as if we were frauds… They said they can’t afford to take any Unn candidate again. It happened that someone from my school went to do internship there with forged license and certificate… The person didn’t graduate and the remaining guys had gross Misconduct. 
The physio intern guy I was staying with told me that there, they take people based on Reputation mostly and he said he didn’t even write a test because his license wasn’t ready at the time they wrote… I called my lecturer again and explained everything to her and she told me that after the test I shouldn’t rush to go home.  She said the man she called would be there the next day…. So I waited…. 

And the man came.  He had a seminar at the physiotherapy department that day . lo and behold it happened to be one of our eminent professor I helped with some paperworks in UNTH when he came to host one seminar like that…. And immediately after the seminar I went to meet him. Immediately I introduced myself he remembered that I was the boy that helped him with seminar materials printing and arrangements… He said my lecturer actually told him about him but he said he forgot it… He said anway let’s go. And he immediately took me to meet the hod and when hod saw me he asked him which school he said unn… And he said unn again….! And he said no O! 

The Prof told him don’t worry, this boy is different… And they spoke yoruba and the next thing the HOD said OK and the Prof tapped me at my back and said don’t worry they would take u… I thanked the hod and the Prof as well and when I left there I was very happy someone but I was still praying cos a lot of yorubas were there and I heard they can only take 10 out the 20 that wrote…. I prayed 
The next day I’ve already boarded peace bus to start coming back to enugu and the within the next 10 mins bosslady wrote UITH internship list I was so anxious and almost at the same time the guy I stayed with started calling me. He said the list just came out that I should check the hospital website for the list.  After I finished answering the call the image bosslady uploaded finished downloading on my device…. And I scrolled down and I saw my name…. And I shouted is that my name!  I almost wanted to jump up but I couldn’t cos I was inside a vehicle… Lol….. I was so happy… That was the best ride of my life at that moment. 

I called the guy that was doing the UPTH stuff for me and I told him I just got internship and he said OK….  He told the main man and the man said no… That how can I pull out from the deal just like that… After much prayers the man managed to give me back my money…. 

When we left school I have always wanted to do my internship in the west and finally God gave me my heart desire… Delay is not denial. 
Trust in Him ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾
I wish I  could send card to everyone in this room because  I want you guys to share in the goodness of God….  
This family has been amazing and there’s no better people I can celebrate with if not this family… Because  you guys know the pains and the struggle…..  Someone said on the first of September that someone would get a testimony to tell before the end of the month and I believed it…. And here is September and here is my testimony.



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