Questions in Chemical Pathology


1. Which of the following result shows renal impairment? a. urea 9 mmol b. creatinine 10 umol/l c. urates d. cholesterol e. urine osmolarity less than 800 after 12 hrs of water deprivation.

2.Low GFR occurs in all except: a. Congestive heart failure. b. Urethral obstruction c.dehydration d.hemorrhage
3.Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by all except: a. Hypocholesterolemia. b. Hypoalbuminemia. c. Albuminuria. d. Hypertriglyceridemia. e. None of the above

4.Ureate excretion by the kidney is inhibited by: a. Probenecid. b. Thiazide diuretics.

5.Chronic glomerulonephritis is diagnosed by: a. Blood urea. b. Creatinine. c. Proteinuria d. All of the above

6.The protein having molecular wt less then albumin is? a. Beta protein b. B2-microglobulin. c. Lysozyme. d. Benze Jones protein.

7.In cystic fibrosis, which is deficient? a. Beta globulin b. Macroglobulin c. Albumin d. Alpha 1 antitrypsin e. Alpha 2 antitrypsin.

8.Diet rich in phenylalanine should be restricted in? a. Phenyl ketonuria b. Tyrosinemia c. Maple syrup disease

9.In phenylketonuria, diet should be low in: a. Phenylalanine. b. Carbohydrate. c. Lipids.

10.Hypoalbuminemia is associated with all except? a. Tetanus b. hypocalcaemia c. oedema d. toxic effect of sulfonamide

11. Gluconic amino acids include: a. Alanine. b. Methionine. c. Valine. d. Glutamic acid. e. All of the above.

12.Lipoprotein related to hypertension?

13.Which is important for atherosclerosis? a. ↑HDL b. ↑LDL c. ↑Chylomicrons.

14.In plasma protein electrophoresis, the protein that will go first is (moves furthest from application)?

15.Based on behavior of lipoproteins in ultracentrifugation pre-B lipoprotein is? a. HDL b. LDL. c. VLDL d. Chylomicron

16.All of the following are lipoproteins except? a. Phospholipid b. VLDL d. Sphingomylin e. LDL f. HDL

17.What is the proposition of pulmonary surfactant? a. Phospholipid acid b. Dipalmityl lecithin c. Phosphatidyl choline,

18.HDL is good cholesterol because? a. It has more protein & phospholipids in it b. It has no cholesterol in it,. c. It has less TG in it.

19.Which lipoprotein has highest concentration of cholesterol? a. VLDL b. LDL c. IDL d. HDL

20.Which is not associated with abetalipoproteinemia: a. Acanthocytes in the peripheral blood. b. Hereditary spherocytosis. c. Malabsorption and fatty stools

21.Chylomicrons: a. Can cause thrombosis. b. Cannot cause thrombosis.

22. Best marker for kidney function a.urea b.creatinine c.sugar d.cholesterol

23. Transport protein for lipids a.lipoprotein b.apolipoprotein c.albumin d.globulin

24. Bilirubin is photosensitive a.true b.false 

25. Reference range for creatinine in international standard unit.


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