Report on Fmc Abeokuta Interview for Houseofficers. 


 ​I was shocked  to see the number of applicants on the notice board  😱😱411  but in reality 441 applicants sat for the housemanship interview in fmc abeoukuta .
Fmc abeokuta already have a   pattern of for writing their  exams which is known to all. 

There’s a book that is  sold for a thousand naira,that’s where they  set their questions from for civil service.    


 House Officers wrote  on Current affairs and civil service questions which  were theory

 Other aspects Includes orthopedic , obstetrics and gynaecology , surgery and medicine are mcq.Paediatrics,internal  medicine… surgery…. Orthopedics and  traumatology….. public service and current affairs

They gave out 7 question papers to write and answer all which they later collected  for marking and Evaluation. 

The first two question papers  (current affairs and civil service) were fill in the gaps .

      The Interview  began at about  1. 30pm. My source also reported that they  wasted  time.He added by saying that the exam was  Moderate not until interview time… when suit started flying out   (ooh i  can also  imagine the hot sun its called suit roasting😂😂). 

 Oral interview afterwards… Though they didn’t bother checking  certificates and yes there was no  medical fashion parade😅😅.

And i ask 441 applicants as  against how many  slots in fmc Abeokuta.The battle for Survival  in securing  placement.  

Out of 441 who would be the lucky ones ?

  Lastly,  There’s a major issue on ground which is those going for a second missionary journey on that list and i marvel at their greed .How can you be done with housejob yet you are searching for housejob?

We blame our politicians when you are busy occupying a position for Two.

Lastly, I was also opportuned to meet a female doctor in esut teaching hospital, very nice lady😂😂😂😂 and guess what she was done with housejob but came to try her luck in esut teaching hospital. 

Watch this space. Her untold  story will be shared on Aproko saturday .


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