Waiting To get Internship Placement?Read This …


It’s truly a trying time while waiting to get placement for Housejob/internship.
It’s also true that there is little or nothing you can do to urgently change the situation in the country.

Lemme share some insights you may adopt in the interim.

1. If you are looking at the time that is running by and you still at home, you can choose to do the Housejob/internship on locum basis. The pay may not be optimal, but the result is the same. You get to finish the year long training and move on with life.

2. Change the location you are applying for the internship/housemanship. Most southerners would prefer to do the internship in the south in an attempt to avoid the security issues in the North. The competition is higher in the south with little success rate as everything depends on “long legs”. I encourage such persons to try applying to centres in the North (far north of possible). While in the North, cultivate a low key lifestyle. Restrict your movements to the Hospital, Home, Bank, Church/mosque and Market (luckily, most northern hospitals have all the above in close proximity). Avoid unnecessary movements and travelling. After all, it’s just for a year; 48 weeks sef.

3. Learn a skill or trade as already suggested by other group members

4. If the desperation to complete the program is too much, you may volunteer to do the internship for free and get signed out when done. You can atleast negotiate for accommodation or transportation/feeding stipend

5. Have an open mind that you do not necessarily have to know someone somewhere to get placement. Apply to every and any hospital recruiting irrespective of region or geopolitical zone of the country

Do not apply to any centre cos of the money you hear that is been paid to the interns. I did my Housejob in one of the low paying centres in the North where the workload was backbreaking but I didn’t bother about the money cos I just needed to get done with the program and move on with life.

I have close friends who did one or two of the above suggestions I mentioned. I was doing option 4 when I got placement elsewhere and left cos it was barely 2 months in.

Above all, be steadfast with your prayers and have faith in God that all things are happening for your Good.

God’s Time is always the Best.

Dr Richard Ilehomon


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