We all need help as humans in one way or the other. No matter how great, strong and versatile you are, you still can’t meet your needs all by yourself. No matter how long your hands may be, you will still need somebody to rub your back for you. No matter how sharp your eyes are, how far you can see and how vigilant you are, you still need somebody to watch your back.

As humans, there is always something we are struggling with; some addictions, weaknesses, inadequacies, obsessions etc. Something we cannot help at a particular time and this may warrant us to seek help in order to meet up with the demand of that season. However, while it is not bad to seek help, be careful where you go for help. Seeking help from the wrong places complicates issues even the more. There are some offers that may add to what you suffer. There are some help that are actually traps in disguise.They may give you temporary relief but they are actually baits to get you hooked.

Any offer of help that will undermine your sense of dignity and self-worth is not worth it. Any help that will unduly subordinate your vision to another man’s vision should be checked. The help that will undermine your freedom of thought, expression, speech, association, choice and other fundamental human rights should be checked. If it will interfere with your “being”; if the opportunity will not allow you to freely be who you are ,then it is not worth it.

Your sense of “being” is too valuable to be substituted for. So, be careful who you discuss your problems with. Telling your problems to the wrong person is worse than the problem itself. Always go to mature and trusted minds to handle difficult issues. Anybody that will make you an object of derision because of what you are going through should be avoided.

Always remember that you are not as helpless as you think you are. Even when all others have failed you, don’t fail yourself by placing yourself too cheap before people because of what you are going through. Know that there is always a way out, just think it out.

There are times we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by prevailing circumstances that it becomes difficult to think well before taking decisions and actions. This is when you begin to launch rockets in search of what you already have inside your pocket. Always think of the long term effect of the offer before accepting it. When you sell off cheaply and too quickly, by the time a higher bidder comes, you would have been out of stock. So, look before you leap to lick. Remain blessed!

Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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