Sister zone :Episode finale


I couldn’t believe it. I had Nonso where I finally wanted him; in between me. Things were out of my control but I wasn’t about to complain. I thought of the many times I wanted this to happen, the many times I touched myself to images of him, and I smiled. It was worth the wait. I looked at Nonso,  struggling to get his sweat pants off. He was a second from ripping it. My baby was a beast. I was grateful for the gown I had on. Easy access. He just had to jack it up. 
In as much as I was where I wanted to be, with whom I wanted, I kept imagining chika smiling at me. I tried to push the image to the back of my mind but I couldn’t. It was then I realised I was staring at an image of her. Nonso’s phone, while he was trying to remove his pants, had fallen close to bed and was illuminating. He had her freaking image as his screen saver. How did I miss this all along. I prided myself in being a great observer of my surroundings and yet, I managed to miss this. I guess in between my uterus leaping and my heart squeezing, I convinced myself that she was his sister. To make matters worse, his phone vibrated and Chi pie was calling.
He was sucking my boobs as I pushed him off me.

‘Wow, so u like it rough’, he smiled

I ignored him as I started to properly dress myself. 

‘Baby, what’s wrong’, he asked, when it became clear I had snapped out of the mood.

‘So I’m the person that’s fit to answer Nnenna abakiliki, while there’s a chi pie on your phone’? I sarcastically responded

‘You have to tell me your plans now before I let u past my undies’, I went on.

His rod was distracting me as he sat nude on my bed. I looked at the rigid member coated in a durex condom as I asked to pls put on his boxers.
‘Nnenna, I wish I could tell u otherwise’, he started remorsefully, 

‘But chika and I will be getting married soon’.

‘How soon? ‘, I inquired

‘It has to be next month, that’s why my mum is coming to visit tomorrow, to finalise plans’, he added.

I was flabbergasted. He was going to get married next month and I was here about to fornicate with a married man? Or was that adultery? I couldn’t blame my village witches or d devil. This was all me. I also remembered the words of my pastor.
‘So what was about to happen?’, I screamed 

‘I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me, you were more than a sister’, he scratched his beautiful beards.

‘Is that how you thank your sisters, Nonso? By giving them a parting tip of your iceberg?, I laughed and cried simultaneously.

I looked like someone that was about to lose it, so he jumped up and hurriedly put on his clothes. I got up and switched on the white bulb. As he was about to leave, he looked at at me and apologised.

‘Nnenna, I’m so sorry’, 

but I didn’t need his apologies. 

’50 thousand naira’, I replied 

He stopped in tracks and turned around

‘That is how much it cost me to cook all those soups and stew for the past 5 months. I will be coming to collect it on monday or I inform your chi pie and mother of what just happened.’


The shock on his face was gratifying.
As he left, Arinze waltzed into the room.

‘Nne, the rice is ready, where is the stew?’

I gave him the stew and we went to his room to eat rice with the pepperful stew I made for my non-existient mother in-law. 
Three weeks later
I strolled to buy groundnut again. Another car almost hit me again. But this time, as the driver came down to inspect his damage, I stopped my uterus from leaping and I proceeded to give him the insult of his life. I had learnt my lesson.
NB: mighty thanks to those that started this sister zone series with me and are also ending it with me. It was fun while it lasted. I must reiterate my earlier stance and say that this was a work of fiction. All characters including Nnenna abakiliki do not exist. Feel free to commend and criticise in the comment section.

Signing out:pharm Nayna Esione 



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