Sister zone : part 4


​Sister zone: part 4
I was going to meet his mama, I was indeed going to meet his mama. I was beyond ectastic and I was grateful I had a week to prepare. The thoughts of what I would do to mentally assault her into loving me kept me up all night. I couldn’t focus on my job, so I took a week leave. I had never met any man’s mother, but from my interactions in the pharmacy, mothers seemed to love and trust me. I needed a plan to convince her that I was d real deal. I decided to speak to Arinze, my neighbour. 
Arinze was probably the world’s leading cassanova. The way ladies visited his apartment got other guys in my compound feeling insecure. We were quite close cos after I turned down his advances, I became his doctor. He was always borrowing condoms and seeking medical advice. So it was my turn to seek his help.

‘Arinze, how do I convince a man’s mother that I’m the best thing for her son?’, I inquired as soon as he let me into his room.

Nne, you don’t need to do anything, just be yourself. Any woman would be lucky to have u as a daughter in-law’, he answered.
I decided to do as he suggested. On Friday,  I went to my boo’s house. He was at work but he had dropped his key with me after our semi steamy session. I was one step away from being a permanent resident. I quickly changed into my work clothes and earnestly began to clean. I scrubbed and cleaned all corners of the house. This was me being myself. Mama won’t know what hit her.  I was in the process of cobwebbing when I heard the doorbell ring.
I wondered who was at the door as I opened it. Standing with a mini travelling bag, leaning on the frame of the titanium door was a lady. Immediately she saw me, she reached across to hug me.

‘You must be Nnenna, Nonso has told me so much about you’, she exclaimed

This must be another sister I thought to myself,smiling, as I returned the hug. That’s when I heard it.

‘Nne, thanks alot, God bless you for taking care of my fiance’ she uttered as she strolled into the apartment I had just cleaned, wearing her footwear.


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