Sister zone part 6


​Sister zone: part 6
I looked at the frame of my door and I envied it. Seeing Nonso was supposed to bring a whole lot of undiluted rage, but the reverse was the case. All I could think was that he came back for me. He made a move to come inside but I blocked his way.

‘Nne, pls let me come in and explain’, he pleaded

‘You can explain here, I can’t invite the devil into my room again’, I replied.
He was shocked at my attitude. He reached out to touch my face,

‘Please, I would never hurt you, let me explain’.

His touch made my uterus want to leap again, but I commanded my spirit limbs to hold it down. But it persuaded me to let in him. 

‘Who is she?” I inquired as soon as he entered my room.

‘Her name is chika’.
I was waiting for the denial to follow. Anything but his fiance. But he kept mute after saying her name. It was at that moment that I knew it was true. I started crying again. I moved away from him. I thought of all the meals I made for him, I even pounded yam. All the times I cleaned his house and washed his clothes. My heart literally broke. I prayed to God to make him fat and poor. Anything to make me hate him.
I looked up at him, he was in pains too, but he still looked cute. Manchester United jersey never looked sexier on a person. I wanted to hurt him. He should have told me. 

‘Nonso why didn’t you tell me about her’, 

He moved closer to grab me

‘There was no perfect time to,’ he replied

‘You let me fall in love with you’, I screamed amidst my sobs

‘I loved you just as much, but I couldn’t do anything about it, that’s why I treated you like my sister’, he screamed back.
I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. Nonso loved me. I refused to acknowledge the sister part. He had finally confessed what I always wanted to hear. I wished chika was around to hear him. His confession quietened me.

‘So what happens next’, I inquired 

‘This’, he said as he brought his lips to meet mine
The kiss was everything and more. It shook my female core. I didn’t want it to be more than a kiss, so I broke it off. There was still a Chika to consider and I wasn’t in the adultery business. But Nonso was having none of that. He pushed me to the table as he took off his shirt. His abs made me swoon. His lips crushed mine again as his hands came up to grab my boobs. I looked up to my bulb and it was shining blue. That was all the sign I needed. I then remembered I still had no protection, i wanted to swear for Arinze. As I tapped him to remind him, he lifted me and dropped me on the bed,
‘Baby, this time, I came prepared’ he whispered.


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