Sisters zone part 3


The sister zone: part 3 by pharm Nayna Esione

‘Baby, I said I have to go’, he whispered a second time.

I was confused. The only available place to go was in me. What I felt when my hand moved downwards was like a dynamite ready to explode. How could something so fleshy be that strong? His breathing was laboured. He was pespiring profusely; clear indications of a horse ready to mate and I, the mare was available. So where in God’s name did he have to go to? 
He tried to shift my hands from its original position. I invoked the strength of an igbo woman. I wasn’t going to let go without a fight. I was confident he would cave in, sooner than later. Someone had told me all guys thought with the organ below, but bobo here was disproving that theory.
‘Don’t go now, stay a little longer’ I desperately pleaded 
‘ I don’t have protection’, he replied
‘And musa would soon lock your gate’.
Shit!!!! I had forgotten to bribe musa while I was planning. That musa that can forget himself and leave the gate open all night? I telepathically began to will musa to lock the gate. I also suggested to God that now would be a great time to send down the rain. Anything to keep him a little longer. I got up from the bed and reached for my bedside drawer. I was a pharmacist, I was protection myself. My fingers desperately searched for my box of emergency condoms. It was missing. Arinze; my neighbour had taken it again. As I thought of what was probably going on in the adjacent room, I became depressed.
‘Nnenna, pls put on the white bulb’ he said as he got up from the bed. 
Oh, we were already back to 1st names? No longer baby! I looked at myself through my wall mirror, felt defeated and powerless. My village witches had done this one. I had an inexplicable urge to cry. I had lost the moment and it felt like I had let all women down. All I could think was


 I looked at my black dress and decided to retire it immediately. For the first time, it had let me down.
As he looked at me, he could see the disappointment on my face. I was sulking big time. He came closer and pulled me in for a hug.
‘What are you doing on Saturday?’, he asked as he caressed my face
I looked up at him with my sad eyes
‘My mum is coming to visit’,
 ‘I want u to meet her’.
After I kissed him goodnight, my uterus soared again. I went back to my mirror. My little black dress looked sad. Ok, maybe i was in a little haste to retire my black dress. It didn’t totally let me down. I was going to meet his mama. 
DISCLAIMER: This is purely a work of art. Maka ndi ji number daddy m.  

By pharm Nayna Esione


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