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Have you ever gotten to a level in life,a result in your exams but you are convinced that you deserved more????Then this story is for you.It’s long but it’s worth your while.

When I was in University Of Port Harcourt,in my 200level, second semester precisely, in 2009.There was a particular anatomy course we did,known as ;Thorax ,Abdomen,Pelvis and Perineum.All to be done in one semester. I can still visualise the room where I read this course.Even during the ASUU strike that held that year before second semestre commenced,I was jacking this course.

When it was time for the exam,I sat for it and answered the questions to the best of what I could reproduce in the exam hall.I was somewhat excited after the exam.

We came back the next semester for 300level in 2010 for fresh courses in Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry. We were only months away from our 2nd MB.BS professional exams,of which the successful ones would get into 400level(Pre-Clinical).It was in sight.No other second semester for our 300level, just one semester and our professional exam was to hold in 4weeks from the end of 1st semester.

Soon,we started seeing the results of our previous semester exams(that is the one we wrote in 200level,2nd semester)

I walked up to the result board only to behold either 38 or 39 as my score in that course.I was shattered.
I said ‘No…No’ ,this is not my result. This isn’t what I deserve.This is not for me!I knew what I wrote. I deserve something better.Oh no! Was this how I’ll fail out of medical school? I cried.

I called home.I told my parents that this result wasn’t mine.Immediately,they typed prayer requests and sent to the church for urgent prayers. I started planning what to do…otherwise cannot be.
I met my campus pastor who prayed for the matter and directed me to the H.O.D.Now this H.O.D is a very stern man,a sadist, likened to Pharaoh.I left attending classes for my 300level.I was pursuing my 200level anatomy result because of its importance to my overall result. I once went to the HOD,Anatomy Department…he walked me out of his office. I went back to my Pastor, he asked me to go back to the HOD and tell him ‘Sir,please take me as your son’. I went to his office and dropped that word and his heart melted so that he was able to listen to my claim that this result wasn’t mine…without any clear evidence.

The HOD asked me to meet the particular lecturer who took us on that course.After days of searching for this lecturer,I finally met him.By now,tests were going on for my 300level courses.I met the lecturer and told him that this wasn’t my result.I just knew that I deserved more than score,at least, a credit score(Btw 50-59%). He looked at me surprised. I was weak,I begged him to check. He finally brought out our exam scripts and began to check for my script.Alas!here was my exam script…but to my surprise, there were two scripts bearing my name.I mean two scripts for same course carried my name and matriculation number.Okeke Ikechukwu Promise,U2007/4710386.I saw it with my korokoro(bare eyes).How manage!!! Did I hire a mercenary to write for me?That was my lecturer’s question. I told him I could never do that.He asked me the church I attended,I told him.

It happened that between the two scripts,the one with my handwriting scored higher, while the other script scored very poorly. And due to the discrepancies,the lecturer had to use the script with the lower score for me. Well,in order for him to my writing,he gave me paper to write out some sentences. ..I did.There and then,he discovered the script with the higher score was actually mine. He was convinced! I thanked him for listening to me.Alas,I proved that I deserved more.I walked away happy and shocked.Happy because I didn’t really fail the course.Shocked because an enemy who didn’t want me to fulfil destiny was at work. I can tell you that that second script was imported from the spiritual world into the physical to make me fail out of medical school.

I prepared from my 300level exams, sat for them. We were told that they would release a supplementary result for that 200level course. …I waited and waited.I kept reminding the course coordinator (Dr Okoh) about my 200level anatomy result so that it would reflect in my overall result to be collated and added to my Anatomy score in the MB.BS professional exams.

Behold! It was on the day we did oral exam(Viva voce) in our Anatomy professional exam that Dr Okoh pasted the supplementary result of that Anatomy course.I walked up to the board and saw 57%. I was so excited that the prayers, stress, all paid off.

Guess what!!!! At the end of my 2nd MB.BS exams that year in 2010,I cumulatively passed Anatomy with 50 point something or slightly above.I passed Biochemistry and Physiology courses as well.And that was how I scaled thru to 400level in one sitting.I was overwhelmed. God overwhelmed us.Coursemates who had 49.9999% failed out.More than 100persons were asked to withdraw from medical school.But God ,the destiny designer, carried me on Eagle’s wings thru mercy and favour.It was unmerited.


Sometimes in life, we get something we don’t deserve to get.We deserve something better but got less and most of the times we settle for less at our own detriment. If I had accepted failure in that course,I may have failed out.There was no next time in this one.Sometimes,there are no next time.God helped me to fight my way thru to get what really belonged to me.

The hand of the enemy came to spoil my blessing…but deep down,I knew it was now or never.My friend,for you it can also be now or never..Your situation may be spiritual and you have to tackle it prayerfully and aggressively.

Is there something you know you deserve but you got less,DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS!PUSH HARDER! Is there a position you know you should be at now,but circumstances have kept you were you are while you keep telling yourself that you’ll try again next time…my spirit bids me tell you that there may be no next time,push harder for what you rightly deserve,bring forth your strong reason why you deserve something better and God will give you the best.

PS:My mom didn’t believe I finally became a Doctor until she came for my induction in 2014 into the Medical And Dental Council of Nigeria.Not her fault, the battle was fierce but God showed mercy.



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