1. Which of the following will not cause delayed speech milestone?

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Otitis Media
2) Patient who presents with skull fracture and fractured tibia, what would you do first?

Check for patency of airway

Blood Transfusion

Investigate skull fracture (or something)

3) ECG case scenario; P wave normal, irregular QRS; (Ventricular arrhythmia), how would you handle it?

Atropine 2mg IV

(another drug I can’t remember)

Do nothing

4) Patient who has just had surgery, what’s the function of Vit C post-surgery?

Maintain wound integrity

Help in wound healing

5) Girl notices breast lump, comes with mother to the hospital. You want to examine her and request for a chaperone but girl says she doesn’t want anyone else but her mother to be there during the examination. What do you do?

Examine her with mother as chaperone but document

Don’t examine, ask her to come back in 2 weeks

Tell her mother can’t be chaperone, examine her anyway

6) Patient who is being prepared for appendectomy has a PCV of 27%. Other parameters are normal. What do you do?

Transfuse with packed cells

Transfuse with whole blood

7) Woman had eclampsia and then had caesarean section. What’s the most appropriate means of feeding child?

Breast feeding

Expressed breast milk

Other food solutions?

8) Patient comes in with BP of 90/50mmHg. You elevate foot of the bed and BP becomes unrecordable. What do you do next?

Give adrenaline to improve inotropic action of heart

Place patient in 45 degrees head up position

9) Patient is brought in unconscious via ambulance, alcohol cans were reported to be found around him. What do you do first?

Serum Alcohol level (can’t remember other options)

10) Patient has enterococcal endocarditis, you’ve administered ampicillin and gentamycin, urine urea and creatinine levels are very high. What is the cause of Acute Renal Failure in patient?

Acute Tubular Necrosis

Cardiac Failure

11) One of the following is not a component of PCOS




12) Known HIV patient presents with diarrhea(not sure), organism discovered to have large nucleus with intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies, what would you use to treat?




13) Complications of Massive Blood Transfusion except:





14) Most common degeneration in fibroid:

Hyaline degeneration

Red degeneration

15) Patient with hypoxia from deep sea diving (I can’t remember the exact cause of hypoxia)

CPAP plus oxygen

Oxygen only

16) Types of VVF repair except?

Anterior Colporaphy

Posterior colpoperineoraphy

Paravaginal Repair

Types of tubal ligation except:


Some other names I can’t remember

17) Carbamazepine poisoning in child (normal dosage is 100mg but child takes 800mg). You can do the following except:

Administer activated charcoal

Induce vomiting with ipecacuhaha

Administer IV fluid, 5% dextrose




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