State House Medical Centre Optometry Past Question


Optometry section..

Write True/False on each options…

Which nerve innervates the cornea?
(a) oculomotor nerve
(b) trochlear nerve
(c) trigeminal nerve
(d) frontal nerve
(e) abducens nerve

2) which scotoma best describes glaucoma?
(a) paratemporal hemianopsia
(b) central scotoma
(c)paraentral scotoma
(d) bjerrium scotoma

(3) which of these is not an extraocular nerve
(a) lateral rectus
(b) medial rectus
(c) inferior oblique
(d) masseter muscle

(4) which if these is true about JCC?
(a) it is a toric lens
(b) it is used tk refine cylinderical axis
(c) used to refine spherical power
(d) it can be used to get tentative astigmatic power

(5) Which of the following is the Logmar equivalent for 6/6 ?

(a) -0.2
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 0
(e) -0.1

(6) After a chemical burn, which of these is expected from an optometrist

(a) neurtize an alkali burn with a mild acid
(b) neutrize an acid burn with an alkali
(c) patch the eye for the next 24 hrs
(d) apply topical steroid for the next 24hrs
(e) irrigate the eye with sterile water.

(7) Before you dilate an eye, which of tge following test should be done?

(a) tonometry
(b) fundoscopy
(c) retinoscopy
(d) keratometry
(e) pachymeter

(8) which of the following is true about atropine?

(a) Can be used in all subjects
(b) can be used in children
(c) it gives he true refractive state

(9) which of the following can be used to diagnose corneal lesions?
(a) keratometer
(b) retinoscopy
(c) florescein strips
(d) rose bengal dye

(10) which of the follwoing is used to diagnose dry eye?

(a) tear osmoraty test
(b) lisamine green Test
(c) rose bengal
(d) schimers test
(e) florscine strip

(11) after retinoscopy at 50cm, you netrilize the vertical meridian(with tge horizontal streak) with +5d, then the horizontal meridian( vertixal streak ) with +3.00d, what is the objective refractive state?



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