Thank You!!!!!!!


May this year be in our favor,may God’s presence never depart from our life, may we be exalted beyond our expectations. May every good seed we plant bear humongous fruits. May all our heart desires be met in this New Year. Amen.I’ll like to use this medium to appreciate every member of this group that has been supportive these past few years by sharing vital information, keeping the group active with their various jokes and stimulating conversations.Motivating the admins with simple gestures like sharing airtime, gift items and money and even Referring their younger colleagues to the group.. You guys are the real Mvp and you encourage us… On behalf of the admins.. I say thank youI also want to thank my coadmins for their cooperation and support these few years. Even In times, when I am tired of the various groups. You guys are my strength.There’s need to mention some names of people who never hesitate to share internship related information even when they were struggling with theirs and are even done with internship.To those who have used our parcel services in the previous years.. We say thank you for trusting us to deliver and We hope to keep improving in the delivery of efficient parcel services.If you are yet to get internship placement. Don’t give up💪🏼 let’s try this again.#TeamnevergiveupAdmins


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