The Big Question for the Day 



Dr Win :Something just happened now 😂😂😂😂.This patient needed blood transfusion since Sunday .House officers in that unit has been busy, till tonight And these people have donated three pints, waiting for doctor to come and use it on their patient. I’m on call presently. I’m passing. They draw my attention, I give a listening ear. I know what to do. I secure a line. Go and sign the blood. Give frusemide and start my transfusion.

Once they saw the blood dropping, all relatives are happy.

Alhaji drew me aside and gave me a bundle of money. 1k note each. I think it’s 50k. It’s a bundle.

 Na so my consultant appear like they send am. Greet them coz he knows them. Seems they’re an influential family.

 He sees the money before I put it away. It’s very big.

He asked what for?

I pointed at Alhaji, that he gave me.

Na so consultant say I should give it back to him, that we do our work because we’re already paid for it.

I gave it back to him. He said I should go and find something else to do in the ward.

Question for the day: if you were in his shoes, will you return the money?


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