The Dangerous Triangle Of The Face


How Safe Is Popping Pimples and Facial Boils ?

By Chibuike Joseph Chukwudum

If you want to blackmail a lady, you don’t need to go gumshoeing to dig up dirt from her past; all you need do is promise to leave an ugly, indelible mark on her face, and you would have gotten her attention.
A lady’s face is the sanctuary of her vanity. That’s why the average woman spends minutes, sometimes hours, in front of the mirror, making up, concealing all “concealables”, and highlighting all “highlightables” ; making over.
Pimples are worrisome; leave them and they turn into some beauty nuisance for the face; pop them, and you run a risk of having black spots scattered all over your face; much like the proverbial fly that perches on the scrotum.
Regardless of this, there’s this thing unsettling about pimples that always sees one’s hands flying to the face to pop them once noticed. And it is not only the beauty conscious lady that is guilty of this habit; the average man,who cares less about how his face looks, is as guilty. Same is applicable to boils on the face.
Question is, how safe is it to pop pimples, and “burst” facial boils?
Well the answer to that question is not a straight forward one, as it depends, among other things [or rather, all things being equal] , on the area of the face involved.

The Danger Triangle is an area of the face defined by an imaginary triangle placed on the face such that the apex [the pointed end] of the triangle lies on the Nasion [the nasal bridge, a point equidistant from the inner corners of both eyes], and the base [broad end] lies on the upper lip.
Such a triangle, if placed on the face, would enclose the nose, nostrils, upper lip, upper teeth and gums, and surrounding skin; the danger area.
It is called the “Danger Area” because of the unique connections the veins draining this area, the Ophthalmic Veins, has with the Carvenous Sinus, a venous cave, that has direct connection with Cerebral blood flow [the Brain’s blood supply].
Thus an infection when introduced into these system of veins, would be on a roller coaster ride straight to the brain.

Popping pimples [zits] and bursting boils [furuncles], which are both bacterial infections, on this area of the face, MAY introduce infection into the system of veins described above, which, if established, MAY lead to the following complications:
• Septic Carvenous Sinus Thrombosis
• Brain Abscess
• Meningitis

However it is important to note that these complications were more common in the pre antibiotic era. With the advent of antibiotics, these overt complications are no longer as common, but not impossible.
Aseptic measures should be taken while bursting boils on this area of the face, and it is better done under cover of antibiotics to reduce the risk of the afore mentioned complications.
🔕 P.S 
I am not a beautician, neither am I a dermatologist; so this article is about the health implications of popping pimples and bursting boils at the danger area of the face: preventive medicine.
For information on how BEST to take care of “worrisome” pimples, please visit any of the above named specialists for proper prescriptions. 



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