The future 


​The farmer asked the he-goat to accompany him to the butcher’s crib. They’ve been friends for so long, and, so, he couldn’t find the voice to tell him it was time; to tell him the truth.
As they journeyed, the farmer was sad, but, the he-goat hopped merrily and talked loudly.
He talked about beautiful ladies and sexy she-goats.
He talked about beans and willow leaves.
Warm beds and spacious pens.
The future and the happiness of their kids.
The farmer broke down in tears, “There will be no future for you bro, you’re on your way to be slaughtered!”
The He-goat smiled heartily, “I’m aware my good friend of my unavoidable purpose, and so, I have prepared for this day. I have made my marks; I have put everything in its place.
And who told you that I have no future?
*My legacy is my future

*The good memories you, my friend will cherish is my future

*My contribution to goatkind is my future

*And, my little fragile kid is my future. By chike nwoke


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