The Great Questions Asked During  ISTH  Interview Exercise. 


Internship Quote

A Nigerian prospective medical intern that have not gotten internship after 2years is that one prospective or retrospective? Gen2

Dr Vic and Sct ify share their interview experiences in  Irrua specialist teaching hospital .

Dr Vic: Please who knows what movie they said “good morning my neighbors”

Dr  Mac: 🤔🤔🤔🤔 “Coming to Nigeria” Eddie Murphy 🤓

Dr Vic: Kai

Rad Ng: Them ask una that question. 

Dr Vic : I swear

Rad Ng: 😂 Lawd almighty!

Dr Vic: Useless useless questions

Dr Vic: After 8yrs of medical school na movie trivia person go face for irrua

Medlab Intern
: Which pastors have private jet?

Which pastor had a problem with a lady? 

Name one nollywood actress?

Quote Genesis 1vs1? 

These are some of the questions that was asked during Irrua specialist teaching hospital Edo state yesterday during interview for mls interns. Edo i dey hail

Boogie: 😂😂😂😂

 Boogie: We are peculiar

 Ijecks: 😳😳😳

 Dennis: Lol

Dr J: Madness

Med lab intern: Funny is  the guys did not even record anything. If you like answer the whole question OYO is ur name( on your own).

Dr J: #flushesToilet

 Dennis: Na wah

 Bosslady: 😆😆😆
Pharm inno: 😂😂😂

Rad V: I tire for that hospital

Medlab Intern : The so called medical question are like this

Name one type of bacteria?

Name one type of virus? 

Name one type of parasites? 

Abeg make we tell ourselves d truth is this an interview or abrakatabra? Yeye dey smell!!!!

Who know me?  ‬: We all know it is all formality..  To fulfill all righteousness..

Dr Gordon : Proudly Edo

Dr Gordon: 😂😂😂😂 Dr  J you are evil

 Dr J: Lol
Dr  Gordon: Can you imagine

Medlab intern: Gordon sure you should be proud of your people. Ijecks Edo hospitals are  truly for fashion parades. Dem no dey hide their own. I love dem for that.

They asked someone to name one Barcelona footballer
Medlab Intern : Atleast dem no allow us waste our brains na.

 Ijecks: Lol
Rad Onyi: Lol. Its well. A good no of us got our questions but ndi irrua, na God’s hands una dey shaa

Pharm  favour: The questions they asked pharmacist was different sha. Better than that of ubth. They asked about hypertension, asthma, COPD, ulcer, analgesics then current affairs. Thats my experience o.


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