We lost a Great Hero!!!!

​A house officer was lost to Lassa fever yesterday. The patient was transferred to Irrua specialist teaching hospital three days ago from FMC Lokoja but couldn’t make it.  May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Dear colleagues, we appreciate your concern for our well-being. Indeed it’s a challenging time. But it also calls on us to be careful wherever we are. Late Dr Ahmed Victor is the first and only case we have had in this centre, questions abt how and where he got it from was on everyone’s mind. However, he was said to have performed surgery for a patient in okene his hometown and the patient was later suspected to have lassa. Pls for those of us in private practice and in various Hosp, it calls on is to always observe standard protocol. Really it’s not worth it. Ahmed was one of the most cheerful house officers, despite the work stress, he still manages to smile at u whenever he sees u. Rest in peace Dr Ahmed, u fought bravely!!!

A Houseofficer from Fmc lokoja

May his gentle soul rest in peace .


Dr Ahmed Victor, a House Officer of just two months in FMC Lokoja died yesterday morning while being managed for Lassa fever at Lassa center Irrua. Please, let’s all be careful to observe standard protocol.

 Treat every case of High grade fever with caution

The list of affected areas have been updated as follows: 





 (?? This is because the most recent victim who presented in a critical state at LUTH Casualty  carpark on Thursday 18th January, and confirmed by the Infectious Disease unit lab within 24hrs of sample collection was from Benue State. 
For this reason, *Lagos State* becomes one of the affected areas. 
Unfortunately the patient died and was sealed up by the Infectious disease unit for transfer to Benue State at the request of his family. This is being done under the supervision of our State Epidemiologist-Dr. Abdulsalam.
The screening applies to all patients with FEVER OR BLEEDING.
Bleeding from 2 or more orifices with/without fever has a high positive predictive value.
The current list of affected States is not exclusive and does not exclude a patient from any of the other States with obvious clinical symptoms from being Isolated as Suspected case of Lassa fever.


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