The Neccessity Of Eating Right

Good food is needed for a person to grow well work hard and
stay healthy.Many common sickness come from not eating enough.A person who is
weak or sick because he does not eat enough or does not eat eat the foods his
body needs is said to be poorly nourished or malnourished.Poor nutrition can

to lack of energy,swelling of feet,big bellies,thin arms and legs just
to mention but a few.Poor nutrition during pregnancy causes weakness and anemia
in the mother and increases the risk of her dying during or after child
birth.It is also a cause of miscarriage or if the baby being born dead, too
small or defective.EATING RIGHT HELPS THE BODY RESIST SICKNESS:Not eating well
may be the direct cause of the health problems just listed.But most
important,poor nutrition weakens the body’s ability to resist all kinds of
diseases especially infection

THE SICK GET WELL:Not only does good food help prevent disease,it helps the
sick body fight disease and become well again.So when a person is sick,eating
enough nutritious food is especially important.Unfortunately some mothers stop
feeding a child or stop giving certain nutritious foods when he is sick or has
diarrhea-so the child becomes weaker,cannot fight off the illness and may die.
WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO EAT RIGHT:People who do not eat right develop
malnutrition.This can happen from not eating enough food of any kind from not
eating the right kind of foods eating too much of certain foods.Anyone can
develop general malnutrition,but it is especially for 1.children because they
need lots of food to grow well and stay healthy.2.Women of child bearing age
especially if they are pregnant or breastfeeding because they need extra food
to stay healthy,to have healthy babies and to do their daily work.3.Elderly
persons because they often lose their teeth and their taste for food,so they
cannot eat much at one time,even though they still need to eat well to stay
healthy.PREVENTING MALNUTRITION:To stay healthy,our body need plenty of good
food.The food should provide enough energy to keep us active and strong.Also,
it must help build,repair and protect the different parts of our bodies.To do
all this,we need to eat a combination of food every day By Isaac Charles.


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