The sister Zone part 1


‚ÄčThe sister zone: part 1

According to the urban dictionary, when you like a member of the opposite sex, eventually wanting to be in a relationship with them, but they shut you down with the “I love you like a sister”, that’s d sister zone and from experience, it’s worse than the friend zone.
I met him on a Thursday, a day nysc made wearing khaki mandatory. I was buying groundnut when he almost hit me with his car. As I turned to render the insult of his life, my eyes saw him and my uterus leapt for joy. I was in shock. So abakiliki had this type of hunk and I was going to enugu every weekend? I felt something shift as he stepped down from his vehicle to evaluate the damage he had done. I sent a silent thanks up to baba God. If it was in lagos, the reckless driver would have sped away. I quickly discharged the groundnut girl as I could see he had d same effect on her. I started regretting my choice of clothing.
‘I’m so sorry my dear’, I felt him touch my hands ‘I hope you are ok’, he whispered 

Of course I wasn’t ok. His voice was doing much damage to my insides. I think I swooned a little bit because he offered to take me home. Unfortunately, I was working. I couldn’t go home. At that point, I almost called my boss to resign. I sadly asked him to take me to my pharmacy instead. Before he drove off, he collected my number.
Collecting number was d simple part. Oya call na, mba. I waited on his call for 3 days and 3 nights. I started to regret not collecting his digits. I kept reminding God to remind him until God succumbed. He called on monday. He wanted to take me out to apologise properly. Told him there was no need, I was ok. He invited me to his house instead to which I said yes. I was skipping so many steps but I didn’t mind. I had to act quick before another girl go dey sharper.
I went to his house. Cooked for him, cleaned his kitchen, took a stock of exhausted household items, helped him sew button to his shirts etc. If someone with a tape was present, my wife material would have measured 100 yards. We became quite close afterwards. We talked everyday. We visited each other every weekend. I met his younger sister. After meeting his younger sister, I changed his name on my phone to bae. It was only right.
There was a but sha. Zero intimacy. We hugged and held hands, but that was it. He also refused to change my contact name from NNENNA ABAKILIKI to something more romantic, like boo. I would work up romantic situations but bobo would unlook like it’s nothing. I started to suspect he was gay. I decided to put on my little black dress the day he was supposed to visit. My curves in the said black dress could cause an instant erection.  It was tried and trusted. 

By pharm Nayna Esione



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