The Tragedy Of The Bedroom|Part 1.



This is a very salient topic, very important,yet swept under the carpet due to a perceived shame associated with talking about it. It is a problem that has broken up relationships/marriages. It has frustrated many married couples,it has even led to suicidal attempts by either the man or woman, and yet, the man or woman is ashamed of seeking solution because they think that whosoever they talk to about it will look down on the man.

I am referring to what is known as *Erectile Dysfunction*
Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. 

Millions of men around the globe have this very sexual dysfunction and yet refuse to talk about it because they want to protect their self image.They end up dissatisfying themselves and their wives in the bedroom and yet seek no solution.This problem is one of the sole causes of adultery in marriages.

As a Doctor,just very few persons have disclosed this problem to me.An intending couple agreed not to have sexual relations until after their wedding.On their wedding night,they wanted to consummate their Union only for the man to discover that he gets erection when he is stimulated but as he touches his wife,he loses it…hence no performance.It continued on and on.The wife stopped cooking for him.It took the man some time before he called a Doctor friend of his who directed him on what to do.Today,that man’s wife runs away from him when it’s time for bedroom civic responsibilites.

I know another woman who got married as far back as 2011.On their wedding night,her husband tried all he could to get an erection,but to no avail.Soon,he got semi- erected and that was how he was able to impregnate his wife. Subsequently,he could not perform his bedroom responsibilities again.He met his wife ONLY ONCE and no more. He wanted to protect his self esteem/image therefore he wasn’t ready to seek the needed help.This woman suffered in that marriage, yet the man was ashamed to seek for help.The woman had to divorce him.Today,they are divorced.

I can go on and on to tell more stories on this issue but it may bore you.

The incidence of Erectile dysfunction(ED) increases as a man gets older in age.So,as a man gets older,he can have erectile problems.It indeed affects both the young and old men. You see old men also wanting to perform bedroom responsibilities but this tragedy befalls them in the bedroom. And for sure, this causes problems in many homes.

What is a Good Erection?

An erection is said to be good if it is;

1.Predictable: To know what to expect;that is to say,when stimulated,you immediately get erect.

2.Dependable: To be ready when needed;that is to say,it has to be ready when needed.

3.Suitable:To be of the quality needed;that is to say,the erection has to be STRONG.

4.Sustainable: To last for the needed duration;that is to say,if the needed duration is 5minutes,the erection should be there thru out the time and not disappear during the act except the man climaxed but with exception to that…the erection should last during the needed period.

5.Disposable: To go away on schedule. An erection is good when it goes away when it should go away,usually at the end of the act.

6.Reusable:To return at a moment’s notice.That is to say; after erection has been disposed,within some minutes after the last sexual ministration and your partner is not satisfied,the penis should be ready to work again.

See you soon at the Part 2 section.


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