Which way Nigeria? 


​Over the years job seekers of both private&government

owned firm were given transport fare&lunch once they

come for an interview because the employers knows this

persons have no source of income but this recent trend

shows how deteriorating our morals are&how much we’ve

been taken to greed, stealing from the don’t have to the have

especially when such act is practice by the government.

I recently saw an advert for application for Internship

&house officers placement by Delta state Hospital

management board (HMB) at www.deltahmb.com. the

applicants which cut across Medical doctors, pharmacist,

Medical laboratory scientist, Radiologist etc were asked by

the Delta state government to pay #5000 each for the form,

what exactly will this money be use for, whose pocket will

the money go to, will the applicants get instant placement

once they pay such money so many questions begging for


We most stand against this stealing, government will not kill

us, we most share this writeup till it gets to EFCC, ICPC,

Delta state government &anyone that can stop this

extortion.. University of Ilorin teaching hospital (UITH) also

stole #5000 from each applicants and got away with

it..Nigeria Youth must stand against payment for job application in whatever form, inducement by cash for jobs….. We must make life bearable for the unemployed and all Nigerians who are struggling to make ends meet..

I stand with The Change Mantra….Change in all Facets of

our lives..


Igbuan Akhigbe Emmanuel a Social Analyst from



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