Theme: Pharmacists as Antibiotic Experts


By Henry Anabeledu

Yesterday, I attended at the GlaxoSmithKline webcast at Protea Hotels Ikeja. It was fun so I decided to share some points for those who couldn’t make it.

Major points to note :
1. Causes of Antibiotic resistance:
🔅Giving antibiotics when not needed : e.g, in Viral infections, common cold etc.

🔅Continued when no longer needed.

🔅Given at wrong dose.

🔅Wrong antibiotic for the wrong infection.

🔅Excessive use of broad spectrum antibiotics which do not target organisms very specifically, hence, cause Resistance.

*Topic 2* : Antimicrobial stewardship.

This simply means the rational use of Antibiotics.

The 8Rs of antimicrobial stewardship are:
🔅 The *R* ight drug for
🔅The *R* ight Reason at
🔅The *R* ight dose at
🔅The *R* ight time via
🔅The *R* ight route to
🔅The *R* ight patient with
🔅The *R* ight documentation to get
🔅The *R* ight response.

A handy Mnemonic was recommended to help us counsel patients more appropriately on antibiotic use:


🔅 *F* inish the course
🔅 *R* egular intervals (e.g, 12 hourly, not 2 times daily)
🔅 *A* fter, with or before meal.
🔅 *I* nteractions (let them know what to avoid)
🔅 *S* ide effects (let them know what to expect).

Topic 3: *Building a pharmacy business that lasts* : going beyond the first generation

Delivered by: *Dr Mrs Nadu. E. Denloye*, Co-founder of Telnet Nigeria Ltd.

Successful Businesses are built on 3 pillars:

🔅 *Purpose* (are you just another pharmacy?)
🔅 *Sustainability* (would your business outlive you?)
🔅 *Succession* (who will take over when you retire or die? Will you run things from heaven?)

*Purpose*: your company must have core purpose and values that cannot change, and which every teammates, board member or employee is made to understand, imbibe and follow from the first day.

*Sustainability* : if you do not, from the day you sign your CAC documents, start thinking of building a corporate business structure that can outlive you, the founders, then your business might die with you.

*Succession* : a good business requires good governance. Who will take the baton when you are gone? You must plan and prepare for this, as we must all die.
Succession is divided into:
1. *Ownership* succession: who and who will own the business
2. *Leadership* succession: who will take over the reins?

Subtopic: *3 critical focal points of successful businesses*

Leadership, capacity for change, Culture/Values.

🔅 *Leadership*: lead by action, not words. The 3 axes of good leadership are:
1. Accountability.
2. Transparency.
3. Fairness.

🔅 *Capacity for Change*: are you well positioned in technology and information? Are you flexible?

🔅 *Values/Culture*: your team, staff, people do what they see you do, not what you say you do.

“when we began at Telnet, I and my partner were on salaries. We would ask our (employed) accountant for permission to take any kobo outside our pay (in our own business). We tried to arrive at the office before the teammates and soon, everyone was beginning to happily act the same way without feeling oppressed or cheated”
*Dr N. E. Denloye*

Recommended read ups:

*Biographies* of:

🔅Jack Ma, Co-founder, Alibaba group.

🔅Daniel Zhang, Current CEO of Alibaba group (and why he was chosen as Jack’s *successor*)

🔅Mrs Fola Laoye, Chairman Of Hygeia group (the largest Healthcare provider in Nigeria) and her strategies of diversification.

🔅Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon (and the Amazon business structure)

*The Books*:

🔅Passing the Baton: A Handbook for Ministry Apprenticeship.

by Colin Marshall

🔅Inc. & Grow Rich.

by C. W. Allen, Cheri S. Hill, Diane Kennedy, and Garrett Sutton.
(also Recommended by Robert Kiyosaki)

*The following companies, which are all part of the 100 year club (a club of companies that outlived 100 years)
🔅Citi group
🔅JP Morgan Chase inc
🔅GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
🔅Jim beam
🔅Twinings (a popular tea brand) is the world’s oldest continually used brand. Est. 1706.

Thank you and Have a wonderful day all.


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