Sanga Kathema aged 22 is an inventor of a low-cost wireless heart diagnostic system (IHMMS) built from discarded electronics that applies two methodologies for measuring and monitoring the heart; electrograph and digital stethoscope. This device is aimed at the people in the remote areas of in his country Malawi where the rural population is made up of more than 83% of the total population and they lack access to hospital tools such as sophisticated heart monitoring devices. His device can be easily be used by a nurse or health personnel eliminating the need for an actual cardiologist who is very few in Malawi. Sanga’s innovation is shortlisted in the 2018 GIST Tech-I competition.

2) Matibabu
Brian Gitta, 25, along with six student friends developed a low-cost, reusable device that can test for Malaria quickly and accurately, without drawing blood. Malaria is the leading cause of death in Uganda. Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable, but the blood tests that help diagnose it are invasive, expensive and time-consuming. It means that half of all malaria deaths continue to be in children aged under five. Matibabu – “medical centre in Swahili – clips on to the patient’s finger and shines a red beam of light on to the skin, detecting changes in the shape, colour, and concentration of red blood cells, all of which are affected by malaria.

3) Ask without shame
Ruth Nabembezi22 is an innovator and founder of Ask without Shame provides emergency sex education via mobile through an android app, WhatsApp, calls, and SMS. Medical experts and counsellors are available 24/7 to assist users with the right information regarding sexuality. Ruth Nabembezi, who grew up in an orphanage home in Uganda. Her parents passed away when she was young because of AIDS. Her sister developed severe skin rashes, the village believed she was possessed by demons and took her to a witch doctor where she died. She was born with HIV and could have been saved if treated by medical doctors. Ruth developed a frustration that people in Uganda do not have information in regards to sex and are not supposed to speak about it.

Sesinam “Ses” Dagadu innovator SnooCODE RED is a logistics app which significantly reduces emergency response times through a custom-made mapping system to help ambulances navigate through dense urban areas. Using software originally developed to deliver parcels to areas without street addresses, SnooCODE RED reimagines how we understand the postal system, helping ambulances reach emergencies faster.

5) Mensa Healthcare
Peter Akech innovator and founder of Mensa Healthcare. For patients, Mesa Healthcare enables them to accurately communicate their prescription history with a tool that tracks them better than relying on memory through a personal portable health records system. Peter is one of the Windows insiders4good fellows.

6) IV Drip Alert,
Ange Uwambajimana innovator of IV Drip Alert, Rwanda. For Rwandan hospitals, Tech Inn offers an IV drip system and alert mechanism for nurses, that’s more accurate and efficient than manual systems, through an automatic monitoring device. Serious problems like air embolisms can occur if the observer forgets to change the IV at the correct time. IV Drip Alert is a device that enables nurses to more easily manage intravenous fluids through a wireless alert system. As a result, patients will experience a reduced risk of complications due to empty IV bags. Ange is one of the windows insider4good fellow.

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