Travails Of A Prospective Medical Intern



 It has never for once given me pleasure to share sad stories, but if we don’t speak up who would hear our voices?

The risks involved in traveling from one place to another in search of internship placement is becoming unbearable.

   Here is the story of one of the prospective medical interns.
His name is Adegboyega Akintade popularly known as Dr Omoba. He applied for the post of a house officer at Federal Medical Centre(FMC) Katsina including several other hospitals and he was selected for an interview, slated for 12th May 2016 by the management of FMC Katsina. This made him embark on the journey from his state of residence Ondo State to Katsina for the scheduled interview on the 11th of May, 2016. On his way, the commercial vehicle which he boarded was involved in an accident somewhere in lokoja and he was affected. Fortunately, a good Samaritan took him to a nearby clinic where he was attended to till his relatives came and rushed him to Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja. The doctors on duty examined him and confirmed that his humerus ulnar were fractured, Because NARD, the national association of resident doctors, was on strike, he was transfered to Trauma Centre in Ondo State where he is currently receiving treatment. [See Photos]

We, his colleagues and friends cannot stop thanking God for sparing his life and we wish him speedy recovery.
 Come to think of it, who knows how many prospective medical interns that has encountered something like this or even worse on a journey like this that we didn’t get to hear of.

Our prayer is that the same God who saved Dr Akintade a.k.a Omoba will someday touch the hearts of the government and the bodies invovled in medical internship to find an alternative or solution to minimize the risks.



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