The University of Benin Teaching hospital Conducted their Interview for prospective Houseofficers/Interns from the 8th- 10th of November 2017 . 

Is UBTH really the home of serious Connection? Read with me

Below are the highlights of the Reports of those who attended the Interview….
 DR CHIDINMA : Ubth didn’t ask any questions..We were brought in groups of 20 or so..and what they asked us where/ if any had distinctions,best graduating students in any course or course rep. .just that..or any special recognition or award

Mr B: Their normal stupid, criminal interviews. 

They’ve taken already before the interview

 Tobes: Interesting.

 Jude : Why will this people not change?

Why  are Edo people like this

Mr B: So no written exam n UBTH 2day

 Delly: why are u pple complaining, I thought u guyz said it’s on merit. Hahahahhahaha!!!!

Danino: It’s on merit 😂

 Delly : prospective medical interns, tighten ur seat belt ooo….

Esther: What has Edo people done to you. 

A simple ‘why is the hospital like this’ would have sufficed.
Boogie: Did anyone attend d interview at ubth today?

 Cmda : You meant distinction screening?😂😂😂😂

 Because No  interview was conducted, they asked for people who had distinctions and awards in school

 AB: Same thing they did last time but its better than irrua that i was asked to name two nigeria actors and pastors with private jets

Mr B‬: 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Drama every day

 Chinenye: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This people no get joy

Boogie: By distinction… you mean 1st class???

 AB: Wen result come, i dey see 99 over hundred. I just faint
Mr B‬: Them give u?

 Cmda : The responses were hilarious… Some people said they had distinctions in First school leaving cert… Others were leaders in school fellowship. Ubth sha😂😂😂

AB: your tribe no matter o, get the right connection and you will be fine

 I be see something for internship hustle, abi na fmc yenogoa wey tell us say na 2 ways dem de use take people



But interest supercede the first: 

Cmda:Distinction in any preclinical or clinical course. Best graduating student etc with evidence o

 Pharm Faith: Them don know who they wan take

 Cmda : 😂😂😂😂 my classmates were there… I don laff tire

 AB: That is afta mosquito don use funnel suck my blood

Dennis: Nor b small mosquito dey yenagoa o

 I carry malaria dere 3months ago

 AB: Na so dem do last time too. 

Ibadin just dey call score as if na baba ijebu number

6 7 14

Now if i remember all those waka, i go just siddon laf well well but den it was nt funny, i was becoming frustrated but one tin that kept me going was this grp and dat is why i will always be indebted to everyone here, u guys are family.

 Pharm Faith: They are waiting for results now

Mr B: Ubth the home of serious connection

 AB: The worst people den na the people from federal character commission,  dem go give una long speech, you go just feel like say the exam real but try check names of people wey get, den u go kno say nothing federal for the character wey dey list.

 Gordon : Actually a lot of us got by merit at FMC OWERRI last year due to the fact that the CMD then a “no nonsense” woman put her feet firmly on the ground that it should be so  but the MD now… Well, I don’t know…

Mr B: Dem go don frustrate d woman comot.

Naija no like better thing

 Gordon : As far as I am concerned there are only two CMDs in Nigeria… Dr Angela Uwakwem and others

 AB: Lie lie lie

Uduth dat the best in my class went and he did not get but someone i knew got without applying

Gordon : When we had a meeting with her, she told us that she gave us on merit, that if any of us paid money to anybody that the person should come and meet her… That she will help the person collect the money

 But because Nigerians hate good thing, they frustrated the woman out of office

 Now FMC OWERRI is a glorified primary health care centre

Jamiu : Lols… E don do everybody, abeg… Am yet to recover from Yesterday Kungfu interview at UBTH, bikoo🙁🙁🙁
Ge: Course Rep witht distinction 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

 Jamiu : I tell you, everybody just dey mention different kind of non-academic awards. Imagine, one lady saying she was the academic secretary of NCCMDS  … Is that an award?

Emeka Med: UBTH interview questions  

We entered in groups of 25…

Interview questions;

1. Any distinctions?

2. Any awards?

3. Any scholarships?

If your surname sounds familiar…

4. Is your father so so so and so?

5. Are you related to the minister?


Mr B‬: …”If your number falls between 1 and 60, come out now..” (repeated like 100times)…

Oya,  the first 30 persons should move in;  make sure your phones are switched-off…”

CMAC…”Abhdali Francis…”
 Prospective Intern (stands up and answers “present sir”.
CMAC: You can sit down 
CMAC… (calls others)…
CMAC: Abhdali Francis…. 

Prospective Intern (stands and specifies specialty)… 
CMAC:” Any 1st class,  distinction or awards?”

No answer…
CMAC: “As you can see,  there are so many people here and it’s quite competitive…

Those that are successful will be contacted shortly… 

You can go”.

Yuki: Did you say 100times?

More than 1million times
And the man was sweating profusely…shouting and shouting….I nor know why?…I nor just understand

 And the fight…serious struggling to know your number…and then to make sure those set of people check your certificate

 We can’t just be organised in this country… Its an abomination!


Mr A:It reminds me of those days when some persons were in year 1…
We pray and hope  it gets better


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