UCTH:The Award Winning Hospital. 


Pharm P: From the University of Calabar Teaching hospital …  Endeavour to collect your letter for internship interview b/w 6th-20th March, 2017.  This will determine those to participate in the exercise. MGT

Pharm P: What’s this  suppose to mean oh??

Dr  A: Which exercise

Rad A: Aerobics exercise. 

Rad A : Jogging and skipping

Rad V: First, you will travel to collect participation letter, thereafter you then prepare for the main exercise. Na wa oo

Pharm k : All you see is the wrapper

 Pharm P😁: So the letter na entry ticket? Nawa oh

 Sample of the letter. 

Pharm K: The worst thrash I have seen this year
Somebody will have to travel to and fro to collect dis yeye stressful letter first🤣🤣
They need lawma

Medlab Intern: Maybe person go even pah before s/he collect

Dr G: Can somebody tell me what that 200 naira is doing at the top left corner 🙄🙄🙄

Rad O: Is this letter just for house officers

PT Z: Applicants are required to pay 5k to collect d letter.

Dr G : Ibadin of Ubth na saint where all these Calabar people dey


Ijecks: 😂😂😂😂

 PT Z: 😂😂😂

Dr G: Take the  blow to  the calabar admin

 PT Z : Very soon people will start doing internship in their homes.

Intern M: Pls,did you show any evidence before you were issued the letter and did you make any payment

Medlab Intern: I am not understanding this letter thing oo..🙄

Medlab Intern: Pls do you have  to visit ucth to get this letter abii na by text message. 

Dr T: Lmao, “this letter serves as evidence that you have been shortlisted”.. 

Are their administrators veggies?

 Emoney: I tire ooooooo

 Dr T: It just doesn’t make sense.

Dr T: I tried, seriously I did try to look for the sense in having people travelling down to receive a piece of paper for an exam weeks away

Eji: Nne I am only interested on dat #200 am seeing there…if you can send it here…no body cares about that letter cause we know say them don already know who their interns be

Dr U: What’s the procedure for getting this letters and how much?

Dr U: This UCTH are …… Why don’t they state it in the sms? Imagine if someone have to travel down there to get the letter without cash?

Dr A: This  UCTH people are something else . So after paying 5k for letter & them no pick you, shey you go fit use the letter as part of your documents elsewhere abi a reminder that they messed you up big time. Naija, which way!


 We think  not much people will come for the interview at Ucth.Making it easier to get. Let’s say 300+ doctors came at the end 150+ will make it

University of Calabar teaching hospital has an  outstanding record of absorbing a large number of interns and houseofficers though the back door is usually open coupled with  economic recession and  other factors which may bring about a slight change .

But come to think of it. A lot of hospitals who usually employ about (120) something houseofficers and a good number of interns divided their quotas into half thereby taking a lesser number of interns /houseofficers. You still have the final Say #Teamnevergiveup#


Next report is on Interns pay/Fmc Umuahias Confidential names. 


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