Samuel : its still fair compared to some eastern part

Onyekachi : Is this really fair?

Samuel : Outta 29 I saw both western eastern names,But not in unth

Tonasibe: Very fair

Onyekachi : Well not my headache

 Jagaban: Over fair

 Bosslady: You saw just one eastern name.  Don’t just start.

 Jagaban: But  does it matter abeg

 Samuel : Am not gonna start. Bt its fair

Pharm B‬: It’s not, they reduced it from 40 to 29 and only one Eastern person

Samuel : Outta 72 juth picked only one person from the west and thats because of connection

Samuel : Compare

‬pharm B: They cut d number of successful candidates from 40 to 29 saying they can’t pay

Samuel : Thats normal when buhari is still the president

Bosslady: I’m yet to understand why some teaching hospitals collect a small number while others accept more.

Pharm B‬: That is corruption
Dr OGB: Nothing is fair  my people, not even life, i see no reason why some people require of others what they themselves have not done. The truth is internship /housejob is a game of who you know and not merit and so people tend to play their card well where they are well rooted which to me is their region. Though still not fair and thus do not portray the federal character we profess but yet its rampant. Let no one therefore think they are marginalized or not been fair to. Its a game of who survives and clearly you  survive well in your natural habitat….your region. Maybe when we find ourselves up there we might change things the way it should. God bless Nigeria. 

Pharm B‬: Lol.. Federal character ko, state character ni.. If you are hoping on any federal character… Aswear, you’d wait till thy Kingdom come,Even the northerners Don remove Pampers...

Dr c‬: North is even trying when it comes to Federal character  or call it merit. It is worst in the east

Pharm B‬: East? 😳😳😂😂😂 No go area🤔


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