Lawrence: Upth ba ?

 Lawrence: I thought the interview  was postponed…

 Bosslady: We heard its the merit list from uniport.

 Lawrence: Naija 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Dr  Odeyemi: Which merit list for their student abi

Pharm jude: Postpones exams,  Release list of Successful candidates. 

Only in Nigeria 🌚🌚🌚

Dr  Odeyemi: Yes o.anything goes in dis country

Emoney: I pray for this country

Delly Pretty: 😒😒😒🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.Hahahahahahahaha ,Useless country oooo

Pharm Danino: 😂😂😂I love this country

 Delly Pretty: Na deir work dem dey do ooo.

 Bosslady: Shuu😧

Pharm Danino: Mehn…..This iss the most epic

Ijecks: The merit list frm their induction , interview would be soon

Delly Pretty: Hahahahahahaha… Useless country with useless pple

 Bosslady: Them for state am nau

Delly Pretty: I must survive in this country oo, by hook or by crook, dem no reach………..

HRM‬: That no 17 guy is not a graduate of UNIPORt,he didn’t do induction with me ooo…How him own merit take come na?

 Ijecks: Lol

Pharm Danino: 😂😂Things dey happen

ZEGE: Lwkmd

 Ijecks: But you confirm others ba,there will always be an exception na naija we dey

 Bosslady: 😂 Do you recognize the rest of the names?

 Ijecks: Lol

 Jagaban: 😂😂😂

Jagaban: Seriously something reasonable has to be done

Kachi :HahHahahahaha

Oga: Is it that… The exam did hold yesterday and that text message was to stop people from coming

 Oga: Hmmmm,I can’t handle it

 Jagaban: Let’s write an online petition seeking the FG EFCC icpc to probe the Federal character commission for negligence in their duty. Write the cmd regarding the above recklessness copy the letter to EFCC icpc the ig and your professional body

Pharm Danino: When we had #RegulateMedicalInternshipbcampaign last year, how many people took the thing serious?

 Jagaban: I was very active but needless this is a new approach. I shared my testimony of what happened in bauchi. All of thoses that were taking illegally were terminated 3 months into dir contract.Don’t say it won’t work.Try it

Let’s have more than 50 people sign it.I swear it will be a step in the right direction

Pharm Danino: Am not saying it won’t work but people are not serious with these things

Jagaban: Don’t mind people

Pharm Danino: They make it seem like you are the only one the thing is affecting

 Jagaban: You can do it alone guy. You are also a citizen,They were begging me with the offer after the case but I turned it down and Just be optimistic and report The problem might be from the admin. They sell slots in Nigeria.If you have money you get what you want

Hrm: There are now runs for internship employment….ranging btw 100k to 200k depending on the centre..Nothing I won’t hear/see in Naija

kachi : No be new thing

Ijeoma :Please, lets try once again. Internship struggle is too much .Something must b done to better dis situation. Let’s work as team

Chizee: I totally agree with jagaban… We need to deal with this impunity once and for all.

Jagaban: I know some people in ph

Pharm Danino: Its a normal procedure in Upth to take the best students after induction. Only one banditious name was spotted.Pls verify the names on that list…How many bandits are there?

kachi : 😁…lool

Jagaban: 😂😂😂 Magu himself

 Bosslady: 😂

kachi: 😂😂😂😂

 Ijecks: 😂

Dr Victor: No be place wey dem postpone exam be this

 James : Na wa

Dr Victor: Na die we dey for this country,at least ubth gave somebody chance to show off dressing

Dr  Steven: Dem say na merit list from induction

 Dr Victor: I have colleagues still in port Harcourt they were called by upth representative,3 sms were sent not to come to the hospital.
i dnt get it.o….. did the interview hold for special candidates??

Ak: Pls can someone confirm the authenticity of this list

 El Jefe: Whether its a merit list for their induction or not, that’s not the problem.
What IQ does it take to have the decency to send text messages to applicants days before the interview stating that it has been postponed.Appearance of this list indicates they already knew long before hand the interview would not hold. Why allow people to risk their lives, waste their time, and waste scarce funds travelling to PH, then you tell them few hours to the interview that it has been postponed . And then suddenly this list appears.

…….My thoughts and opinion on this 
Wow !!! So we are like sooo shocked,angry ,we feel like kicking something right ,funny is that this is not the first time upth is actually releasing their merit list for students from their school.its applaudable and highly commendable .Upth only failed by allowing hundreds of prospective Houseofficers risk their life on their way to PortHarcourt ,even a text message two days before the interview date would have been wonderful. Luth was guilty of this last two years and last year ,FTH ido-ekiti and upth again.

So many of us are really pissed at the way we are treated but do you know one major thing I’ve discovered the corruption is everywhere.It has eaten deep into our very being .I believe our various bodies want to do something about it but their hands are tied .The stench of corruption is so deep that even those who want to fight for a just cause are very guilty ooh lest I forget  I saw a medical graduate post on regulating internship,i see people who are willing to start where Pihan stopped ,nice initiative very beautiful one but let me put this question to each and everyone one of us

  • Can someone who has paid for slot in a particular Hospital boldly come out to fight corruption and also say that the medical elders have decieved us ?
  • Can one who hopes on his uncle who is a senator to get placement join in this fight?
  • Can you who have done his /her housemanship in two hospitals win this war?
  • Can one who is scared of being sacked win this fight?

Who can actually win this fight ?is it those who have no one to turn to and passing an interview on merit is their very golden rule or  those with uncles,aunts and even bishops in high places or the one who can pay any amount just to do their housemanship/Internship and be done with it.     

Regulating medical internship is more than social media talk else you are only advertising yourself until we are able to overcome our selfish interests from our various bodies  and the likes of Ken saro wiwa ,even the likes of our young Adeyeye Olorunfemi emerges  ,persons who are willing to die for a cause because it matters,regulating medical internship no longer need faces that cowardly hide behind their social media handles .The Nigerian youth is now very used to that talk more of a medical graduate that is even scared of being  threatened by the government.Many of us are in pains/frustrated with the happenings yet we don’t want to do anything about it.o oh and selfish interests,I really love what MDCN did in the former campaign , Immediately they said they already have a work plan for doctors.Everyone relaxed.Other Depts became vexed ,if you want to achieve anything great ,Go as one . Division always brings about  failure.
To Regulate medical Internship .It needs you and  I to rise as one and fight ,it begins with action not mere talk .we’ ve said Enough!! Until the day we are willing to risk it all and fight everyday till something is done about it even after you’ve gotten placement ,you wake up you are pained . Regulating medical internship doesn’t need selfish individuals rather it needs selfless individuals such that after they’ve gotten internship ,it doesn’t become a  forgotten topic ..it should be the very thing you live for and breathe for and  when that time comes then we are ready .Our voices should be backed with action.

And lastly in the words of  Martin Luther King,Jr   Darkness Cannot drive out darkness ,only light can do that .Hate cannot drive out Hate. only love can do that.

And I say Corruption cannot drive out corruption  Only Integrity Can.


  1. There is nothing we wont see in Nigeria. This is not funny! Getting Internship is becoming not just a hard nut but a rock to crack. And it keeps getting worse as the day go by!


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