Passion or Career??? Have I missed it?


​Hello everyone, I’ve had this question running through my mind for a while now and I’ll appreciate honest responses from you all.
Have you ever woken up after your medical degree to discover that you are multi passionate about other fields other than that you’ve studied?

Can it termed confusion, midlife crisis, creativity overdose or the outcome of depression?

What will you do if you find yourself in such a situation and what advice will you give to someone going through such? 

By umahi Ebere. 


  1. Yes for multi talented people. There are Some people i term one way army if its not that medical field then its nothing .Asides that so many individuals are like that they cant do anything else aside what they are involved in at the moment. while some peeps can survive anywhere they find themselves.
    1)is it wrong for one to be multi passionate answer is. No.
    2)Can it be termed confusion 🤔🤔still thinking but i doubt.
    My one kobo advice:ill suggest that he or she takes his or her talent or goals one step at a time and also pray to Enable him or her discern when to implement his or ideas and also try by whatsoever means to give each of his or her ideas a shot and who says he or she cant merge it with his medical profession and still be the master of all.

  2. I am multi talented. I have been thinking a whole lot about staying in or leaving the medical profession after a while. But I’ve come to the conclusion that partial practice won’t hurt anybody. I know my passion lies elsewhere. But hey! I spent 5 years with my head buried in my books, the self induced amnesia, the stress and the plenty struggles must count for something. Shikena!
    As for the person, He/she should take sometime in his/her choosen profession. Sometimes, love for the profession grows with time, but You also have to know when its definitely not for you so you don’t waste time in a profession you don’t derive fulfillment and accomplishment from.✌👌

  3. 🙂 Everyday i wake up, from before induction, precisely 300level, i’ve had a passion for other things. Human resource development (writing, singing, speaking), Agriculture (Diary farm) and Transportation (railways). But at a CMDA conference at Illorin i heard a word that changed me forever.” Your purpose is there and whatever you’ve studied or have as an ambition is a platform to fulfill purpose”. Then i asked what is my purpose, when i located it, i discovered i do not have separate passions, i have different platforms to accomplish one goal. This strengthened me and gave me the courage to forge ahead and pursue all passions by dr clinton okonye

  4. Find out what u really want. I tink what most people confuse for multitalent is as a result of ones idleness n lack of employment. If one has been gainfully employed and working in your field of study, I don’t think all this talent or doing something outside what u studied will arise! Nobody gets employed in what one studied n dump it for some kind of unrealistic dream or talents. Except for those who where literally forced to study a particular course by their parents. So ma candid advise, take ur life stage by stage, step by step. Again, don’t give up too easily, be determined in ur quest, remain dogged in ur struggle. It is a common aphorism that quitters never win, and winners never quit.


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