World Pharmacist Day!!



September 25 every year is set aside globally as World Pharmacists Day by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

The theme for the #WPD2018 is Pharmacists: Your Medicines Expert.

This has been carefully selected to describe the roles Pharmacists play in our daily lives.

Pharmacists are the forces behind the development and manufacture of new medicines.
Pharmacists are responsible for the rational use of existing medicines.
Pharmacists are the brain behind your access to safe, efficacious and affordable medicines.

Interestingly, Pharmacists roles differ with reference to settings, including Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Research Institutes, Academia, Distribution and Regulatory Agencies.

Pharmacists are Public Health Advocates and are currently leading campaigns against #DrugAbuse #DrugMisuse #fakedrugs in schools, markets, communities, religious places, new media through both self sponsored and partnership-based projects including the NAFDAC -Youths Against Drug Abuse project in Nigeria.

Pharmacists all over the world are trained to be Leaders. It is this Leadership capability mixed with highly skilled clinical and pharmaceutical knowledge that makes the Pharmacists ensure that you never get away with the wrong medication, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you and others.

Pharmacists are your medicine experts: they know your medicines more than you or any other person in this Life and the next.

To optimize this God’s special gift to mankind and avoid stories that touch the Heart, Always consult a #Pharmacists for all your medication needs.

The PSN – Young Pharmacists Group is taking the #WorldPharmacistsDay outreach to your Door steps.

Join the Hash tags : #WorldPharmacistsDay #PSNYPG to know what is happening in your State and your location.

Pharm. Ekomobong Hanson
National Chairman
PSN – Young Pharmacists Group


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