If you appreciate the role of kidney in the body system and homeostasis, please join us today as the world celebrates Kidney: a very vital organ which ensures that our blood is constantly clean from toxic substances and remove them through the urine.
Join us also to sympathize with those that have lost their kidney functions to diseases, sicknesses and wrong lifestyle practices.

Know ye today, that your kidney is one of the most important organs that care about your well-being and you must care about their well-being too.
A good care for the kidney, is a good care for your whole body.


1. Stay hydrated always: Drink sufficient water daily, it’s better to drink excess than to not drink enough.

2. Drink clean water and observe good hygiene.

3. Reduce your salt and caffeine intake.

4. Moderate your alcohol consumption.

5. Treat every infections as soon as you notice symptoms especially URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS to avoid disease progression that may precipitate kidney disease.

6. Avoid Self-medication: do not prescribe drugs for yourself. Several drugs including antibiotics affect the kidney when taken wrongly.

7. When taking pharmaceutical products, ensure you discuss with your pharmacist to obtain necessary drug information.

8. If you notice any unusual pain at the lower region of your back (flank pain), please consult your doctor for advice.

Live healthy!

Stay healthy!!

Happy world’s kidney day 8th March.

Pharm. Chuka Amukamara (BPharm, PharmD)

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