You Can Be Very Rich After Medical Internship

Make the best of your salary all year round.


At different stages of our lives we have different worries. At some point as kids we worried about chocolates or playing with our bikes etc. Fast forward to post graduation from school you begin to worry if you are going to get that internship job, especially where you want it, usually a herculean task. However, when you finally get the appointment, and you start receiving that meager salary as an intern, a bigger worry takes the center stage and that is – how do you save from so little? How do you make it work? how about paying for that license later, preparation for NYSC all by yourself and what not. Don’t worry, I am here for you.

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Earlier last year, we told you that Yes, you can be very broke after internship, and some are actually experiencing it now. What i want to introduce to you today is what is known as a “piggybank”. Sounds interesting right? Read on.

There are not so many things you need to start saving apart from the decision to start. Secondly, you will need to download an android app for saving, register an account and that’s all! Let me introduce you to piggy banking.

It is a platform that “empowers people through saving and particularly saving from your debit card”. While it accepts cards from all banks, is into partnership with United Bank for Africa (UBA) and in operation, is quite similar to savings club on Paywithcapture and the savings feature on Alat. Both apps are also powered by major banks.

In a few simple fields, you can set your own preferred savings frequency, regular amount & overall target with a click of a button that instructs to automatically help you save small small until you reach your savings target.

In the case of, the process is as follows:

  • Add your debit card
  • Set how much you want to save
  • Set how frequently you want to save
  • Set a savings target

At the first stage of the registration process, you would be asked to save the sum of N100 which I guess is to test if your card works fine, it is withdraw-able later anyway. Then, you would be asked to enter your card details;PIN, expiry date and CVV.

You can add funds to your account at any point you like, whether you just got your salary, received extra income or you just want to put money aside randomly, you can use the Quicksave option anytime.

Once the platform accepts your card, you will then have to choose a verification method which is either a onetime password (OTP) or a hard token depending on the bank. Now, this seems like the most difficult stage because if the platform does not accept your card, you would not be able to proceed to the next stage.

Avoid temptations. Lock all or parts of your savings in your account & receive instant upfront interest of up to 30% if you lock for 1000 days, which is about 10.95% per annum. It is simple and 100% safe. Funds are sent back to your account on the return date you set.

Even though they state that the platform accepts cards from other banks, some tried Diamond bank Visa card and it failed to register, but you can try yours. GTB master card worked and only then was I able to proceed to the authorization stage. I chose the one-time password (OTP) option and impressively, it got delivered fast. Worthy of note is that the OTP lasts up to 10 minutes before it times out which is pretty cool compared to my Paywithcapture experience which either does not deliver or comes in late and times out within seconds.

Once your bank verifies your card, you are good to go.

Use any of’s 4 default withdrawal days in a year or a day you set to withdraw all or part of your savings to your set bank account securely for FREE. Withdrawing outside those days attracts a 5% breaking fee on just the amount you are withdrawing.

The schedule only allows four(4) free withdrawals on chosen dates within a year, withdrawing outside any of these dates attracts a penalty.
It is also important to note that you cannot save less N1000 a week and N5000 a month. There is also a regulation of N200,000 max per month to prevent money laundering.

There you go. The best way to save is at your fingertips. Start saving now, you can start monthly and save #SmallSmall. It JUST TAKES TWO MINUTES TO SET UP!

Or you can get me on whatsapp only 08027588312 if you have enquiries.



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