You Just May Need Glasses


When I said glasses, I probably meant those cups carrying red wine..

Yup…red wine is good for you, oh

and your eyes too of course.  Well, to be really accurate…it’s the resveratrol in the wine that does it.🍷

Resveratrol, a biologically active phenol alcohol (polyphenol), is found in the skin of some grapes and therefore is believed to help hold back the age-related deterioration of the muscles in the eyes which can lead to vision problems.

Resveratrol tends to counter blood vessel leakage and also halts the growth of blood vessels in the eye – if they continue to grow they can cause macular degeneration. 🙈

This means it could help to preserve vision in age-related macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in the UK – and in cases of diabetic retinopathy, which can cause vision loss in people with diabetes. 😲

 Some studies have speculated that the substance may have anti-aging properties as well.

 So grab a glass, tag someone and let’s toast to better vision.🍷

… But remember, drink responsibly 😉. #


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