Yours Eyes…………..My Torch Becoming The DJ of Your Own Life…..


A brilliant man, Irvan, once said “reality is coupled to perception, and so you never get to see the world as it is,…. you get to see the world through the prism of your perception, your cognitive biases and cultural stereotype”…..All of these baggage you bring to every single moment and encounter of your life.

However, perception in itself can be actually tweaked…can be deliberately modified by ourselves. We can take several approaches to manipulate our reality, making us have a say in our experiences… But then how do we do this? This is simply asking us to choreograph our reality….to stage-design your life. Think of it as a theatre. Think of it as a cinema. Through editing, a film director can make you feel a certain way about the reality that is unfolding on the big screen right before your eyes… The man makes you leap with excitement one time and then makes you sink deep into your chair another time. See, all this time, he is masterminding your perceptual experience my friends!

My point being, we too can take charge and direct our own experiences. Rather than think fatalistically like ” Oh, nothing is real! This world is fake! We ‘re being manipulated by the way society is structured! “..My friends, I say exercise volition. What is out of sight is out of mind, so by all means, architect your mood by creating the life you wana live. Play your favorite songs, …light the midnight candles with your loved ones, invite friends over for dinner and gists. Instead of being a victim and say everything is manipulation and therefore unreal, say to yourself ; because everything is perception, I can engender my own experience by my own creative and linguistic choices, and then exercise these choices in ways that enrich my life, to make myself kinder, gentler, more full of wonder and faith and hope.

Breathes deeply……My friends be the DJ of your own life. Be the editor of your experience. Be the pen of your own poem. Be the paint brush of your own painting. Be the clay of your own sculpture.

Because in the end, you are both the sculptor, the clay and even the sculpture.



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