The community of Nigeria Prospective Medical Interns celebrates two years since its creation. The group was founded may 31st, 2015 on nairaland. It started as a small group and later witness sporadic growth in population.

NPMI as at today has over 4000+ members on facebook and over 1500+ members on whatsapp spread across 7 groups. NPMI has not only lived upto expectation of its founding fathers but also been a source of valid information regarding to post graduation Medical internship in Nigeria.

As we celebrate today, my earnest wish and desire is that every graduate of medical and allied health sciences should not be left to waste at home, take risk, travel the lenght and breadth of this country, be made to pay huge bribe in other to secure placement. Therefore a call of concern is made to the minister of health to look into ways of restructuring the internship programme if not it can lead to anarchy in the health sector tomorrow.



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